Transparency, vision + moxie

Need more nerve to make that one thing that you really want happen? More energy, perhaps? Its all here:

Latte, letting myself play on the page + watching the trees hold their morning gold.

Now you are here, we can have some fun.


It’s about navigating your nervous system: negotiating new neural networks that support your most daring, sassiest adventures.

It’s always a risk.

Sometimes you have nerve. Sometimes you don’t. Moxie = the ability to do whatever it is that’s pulling on you, with or without nerve. Most times, you have to create your own nerve, at least at first.

Modus operandi: bold. Pushing the possibility envelope: exploring what is possible – just for the sheer fun of what can happen when you do. {You don’t have to wait for necessity to give you its nudge; it’s more fun this way}

It’s about making mistakes. In public. And this is more than okay. I have witnessed quite a few “misadventures” and you know something: I admire these people even more. You have to be brave enough to try new things and be willing to take a fall or two. It’s the only way we all learn.

Never apologize for breaking new ground.


What is most important to you? What are you most proud of so far? What will make you explode with pride when you accomplish it? {It’s usually the one thing you are most afraid of doing} Pursue your deepest pride. Indulge whats most important = has most impact + energy.

Often you have to grow into it.

For me: my first book. I am still growing into the level of courage it requires. I had no idea on the way in exactly what I was getting into, but now I am seeing the exceptional affect it is having on others I am able to navigate the nerve territory at a new level. And it’s one of the things I am most proud of when I can get out of the way enough to let myself feel this.

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing ~ Audre Lorde

{you might still feel fear, but that doesn’t stop you}


Get out of the way: Let what is wanting + waiting to come through you out into the world.

Live inside out.

Trust your intuition unquestioningly in every moment. Let spontaneity reign.

Shine now. It’s your time.

You give others permission to live this much, once you do. Transparency = intent generosity.

It’s okay to be first. {Someone has to be, right? Might as well be you, then the fun begins sooner}

“Let the world see through you”

Transparency = letting the world see through you. This is the territory of the brave: you belong here. And once you are here, you experience the freedom you’ve been quietly craving. With this freedom comes unlimited energy to accomplish even more than you imagine.

Here is what I know from my own experience: there is something extraordinary + unique, something very particular to you that you are here to share. Only you can bring this into the world in your signature style.

Discovering what this is + what it takes = your biggest adventure.

Push the limits of your perception. Experiment with new ideas + points of view. Try a different perspective. Explore what you find. Show what you see. Share it here, if you are moved to – It’s quite the delight when you do this. Strut your stuff: show off your blog/ art/ music. {The other day a talented musician intuitively sent me his video: made my day} You are not alone. You are in good company. According to Google, there’s quite a party happening over here, I am so glad that YOU are here.


Premakarini xo



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