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Resistance {what you don’t want to feel}

  You resist {avoid} what you dont want to feel. You fear emotions more than you realize. Whatever triggers or threatens to put you in undesirable emotional experiences you avoid, you resist, you postpone. When you know what triggers you … Continue reading

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  1. Otiti says:

    i can totally relate to this right now. Having decided what I want from life and mapped out a plan of action, I find myself resisting taking the steps to set things in motion.

    Why? Because I’m afraid to open up and FEEL.

    Because I worry my brilliance and my light will be too much for me to handle and they will blind me.

    Because I worry my fire will engulf me if I let it blaze sky-high like it’s aching to.

    And yet. And yet. I find myself inching ever closer to where I yearn to be, because the pain of not experiencing the bliss I desire is greater than the pain of resisting. The pain of not soaring high in the sky is greater than keeping my wings tightly wound around myself and bound to the ground.

    We are made for so much more than we allow ourselves experience. As always, you capture this in beautiful language that makes me want to let go and dive headfirst into the pleasure that awaits me. Thank you. I love you. xoxo

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Resistance: Your door to Exceptional Experience + Creative Genius

      You will resist. The best experiences in life activate the greatest resistance. You can actually gauge the best experiences & meditation techniques by the amount of resistance you experience around doing them. You will come up with … Continue reading

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