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The guilt factor: you can’t rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad

  Guilty often? Regret much? Guilt drains and depletes. Guilt traps energy. Guilt gets in the way of the important things: LOVE, FUN + play. Guilt is the one thing you can most do without. As long as you feel regret you … Continue reading

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6 Responses to The guilt factor: you can’t rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad

  1. James says:

    Awesome Expressions~ Thank You ;))

  2. Very powerful post here. By revisualizing, it completely alters your perception. Hence, freeing you to be you, resulting in creativity ind increased awareness.

    Keep up the great conversations!

  3. Melissa Mesch says:

    By revisualizing will one be creating a similiar future event?

    I do see how revisualizing can create power in the heart. I began to practice this and started to realize that possibly I don’t want to change what I had or had not done…Although, I have also noticed that I had been afraid to use my voice and be confident.

    Revisiting the event(s) has helped me see the quality that I would like to give forth now and it relates to freedom. The freedom to be who I am in any moment. What real risk is there when we are loving ourselves. Funny (not ha ha) how it feels risky to be true to our hearts desire….
    love to all!

  4. Fantastic points, it really got me. 🙂 I recently, too, had an article about guilt, and – how wonderful our diversity is – addressed it from a different view: I said, relative to the other people, we’re always a weapon in their hands, since if it’s active in their vibration, they would get it anyway. And relative to ourselves, every event is neutral, and we can redefine it to having a positive effect on our life. So guilt just doesn’t exist, we make it up.

    By the way, regarding something we did – I usually say to me and my clients, that the actions are defined by our vibration, and blaming ourselves for the action, we make the vibration even lower. So it’s better to leave what’s done at that and tend to our vibration, and that includes finding better feeling thoughts about it all, including the action.:) So don’t look at what’s “true”, look at what serves you, and finding positive about the action and the subject, feels better, and so serves us both now and for the future.

    One of the biggest traps is to be upset about something we did and say, I will do it better next time. It creates tension and almost makes sure that next time we do the same, until we change the vibration, and that means – see what we did as somehow a good thing, make peace with it, so what you’re saying about the rich experience etc., is very precise. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Melissa Mesch says:

    Yes. I like the percpective of trusting what I had done in that moment being what was necessary at that time. Being at peace with the events is vital for present vitality, vibration, and the feeling tone and emotion that rides along with our learning.

  6. MELISASource says:

    I agree with your words in this post. I say it all of the time: at the end of the day, you have to trust that you did your best and let the rest go. Continuous self-affirmations go a long way in this way of thinking too. Thanks for sharing

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