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Challenge = opportunity

    You’ve got this. When crisis strikes your reaction is always going to be to fight back, to resist, but this only depletes your much needed energy reserves at this time. There is another, more effective way. If you … Continue reading

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2 Responses to Challenge = opportunity

  1. Frank Prideaux says:


    This was perfectly timed. I forwarded it to my youngest daughter, about your age, who is going through a ‘very’ severe crisis with her 19-year old son. More on that another time. It’s a long and complicated tale.

    Just wanted to say THANKS!


  2. Wow! (Not a very intellectual response, I know.) Fabulous post. I know the feeling of my body becoming the music; of being redeemed by creativity (not your exact words); of rising to the challenge. Thanks, again, for writing your truth and inviting me to my own.

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