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The Praise, Celebration + Shine Manifesto

This manifesto is dedicated to all who dare to shine & particularly those who love seeing others shine As women we empower each other the most when we CELEBRATE each other. Not only our successes, however sweet these are, but … Continue reading

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8 Responses to The Praise, Celebration + Shine Manifesto

  1. Otiti says:

    Oh, darling Premakarini. I’m SO grateful for you. I celebrate you and the bright light that shines through your words. I know I’m thankful for my ability to dance in creative expression and see what comes out, for the positive feedback I get from my audience, and for the bonds I share with my loved ones. I’m thankful for life and love and waking up in the morning when there’s a hot new project waiting to be fleshed out, ha ha. This is one amazing manifesto! 😉

  2. Premakarini says:

    OMG girl: just read + commented over on your post today: AWESOME..love what you add, always!! I love that both our posts today are on the same page!! Love it. Did you like what I put about shares? lol..
    Thank you so much for being in my world. You are awesome! Loved our conversation on FB yesterday…you really are so talented + creative, I am truly honored to have you in my life. THANK YOU for shining so much in the world AND not only this for making others, MOI especially, shine! You totally rock!

  3. Otiti says:

    Ha ha, yes I did!! Sharing is caring, LOL. I know, it was so cool that we had the same brainwave :D. Ahh, thank you for the love. I feel so special! You’re welcome, I’m ALWAYS happy to bring out your + my + our shine. 😉 That’s the whole point of walking this planet, no? Here’s to oodles of praise, shine, and celebration!!

  4. Otiti says:

    Yaaay! I’m always happy to spark something new whenever I can, ha ha. 🙂 You’re welcome! I know, right, it was so serendipitous how we rode the same train of thought while we wrote! Oh and I TOTALLY dig what you added about shares. 😀 I’m learning not to stress it anymore, though; those who are moved to contribute will and those who aren’t won’t. It’s as simple as that, really. I’m a lot more at peace since our conversation, phew!

  5. MELISASource says:

    Simply awesome!! Very helpful reminders for those who have difficulties with coming out of their shell (such as myself!) 🙂 ~Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Christopher says:

    I really enjoyed your post… I’m reminded of a quote and I’ll roughly quote it, “Our greatest fear is not that we are without power. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful than we ever imagined.”

    After years of being told what box we fit in, it can be difficult to step out and toss the box away forever and just live free and open to all of life’s beauty.

    Love and Light

  7. Premakarini says:

    So happy to hear that our conversation helped you. You are doing amazing with everything that you are doing! I have been learning more recently to enjoy exactly where I am at + seeing this as the only end goal: this has been such a game changer for me..reading this made me think of this xo

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’m shining reading your post! Thanks for all your love and awesomeness 🙂

    The quote from Maya is a great one, about the feelings.

    Let’s get together and feel all right! – Bob Marley


    Love from Holland,


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