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Your presence is required

  When you totally show up + shine, anything is possible. It all comes down to self trust. This is the muscle you need to strengthen. The only way to do this is to keep putting yourself out there, especially … Continue reading

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2 Responses to Your presence is required

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  2. Frank Prideaux says:

    Awesome!! xxoo

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The Love Manifesto ebook: Digital dares. Epic love. Fun. Free

The Love Manifesto Dedicated to all the Love ambassadors + revolutionaries, Love warriors + luminaries in the world My gift to you this Valentines: The digital adventure + dare: The Love Manifesto Experience life at the level of unlimited love. … Continue reading

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7 Responses to The Love Manifesto ebook: Digital dares. Epic love. Fun. Free

  1. Vladimir says:

    Xo Premakarini !
    Just read your Love Manifesto.Wonderful gift to the world indeed !
    Yes, I am also hopeful that this civilization will manage to develop higher level of consciousness.
    Also, I firmly believe that the only real purpose of human life is sharing LOVE.
    “Experience unlimited love: be in love with everything, in every moment. It’s not only possible, it’s necessary.” (so true)
    Love your blog and your beautiful message,and certainly will be back for more.

  2. Otiti says:

    Oh, Premakarini. I love you so much. This manifesto is simply incredible. I feel like I took a long, soothing soak in a pool of love and emerged knowing that there’s more, so much more where it came from. Thank you so much for this. I love it. I love you. Love is all we need. You are beautiful. You are wonderful. This is going to change our world, I just know it. My skin is on fire with this. My heart is leaping in recognition of the truths therein. Magnificent!!! 😀 😀

  3. Otiti says:

    Oh, and I just shared it on my blog!!!! EVERYONE needs to read The Love Manifesto! 🙂 xo

  4. Premakarini says:

    Thank you So much, girl! You beat me to it! I was just about to post your blog in the comments here too! Love it! This blog is awesome!Its so powerful. I really hope everyone reads it here. If you want we can run it here, too, on Friday…I am so honored by your being in my world. You add so much. You make it so fun. I have to thank you so much. I was just thinking here the affect you have had on my life since I first met you. You are such a part of The Love Manifesto. You are such an inspiration. You give me courage. I wonder if it would even be written if it wasn’t for you. Your love is so empowering. Thank you!! ; ) xo

  5. Premakarini says:

    Thank you so much, Vladimir, for taking the time to leave a message, it means so much. I agree: our purpose is to share love, and we are awakening to this possibility like never before. As we learn that this was all we needed to do all along I believe that we will accelerate in developing higher and ever higher levels of consciousness. Its already happening in my world: so many people I am connected to are experiencing the same, they are just not ready to talk online publicly just yet, but soon it will be mainstream, if it isn’t already! So happy to see you sharing here, its awesome that you are back! ; ) xo

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Social media, Trust + Transparency: The Conversation. Why Transparency is so damn hot + what’s in it for you.

  Consider this: What do you want to say more than anything else? You have the entire world’s attention for just 5 minutes. Everyone is watching and listening to what you have to say. What is the single most important … Continue reading

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19 Responses to Social media, Trust + Transparency: The Conversation. Why Transparency is so damn hot + what’s in it for you.

  1. First off, love your idea playground here, and YES, I wanna play!

    Excellent post here on transparency and it’s importance. MUCH needed in today’s day and age and as I recently posted (http://babacita.com/2011/10/18/revolution/), I think there’s a movement, a revolution, that’s awakening. By stripping yourself down till there’s nothing left but your true self is the transparency you discuss. Your simple, yet powerful statement, “You are free,” hits it. You ARE free to live unchained but need to make the choice to live that way and then be motivated to act.

    Become transparent and get in the game. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be amazed at what you can do! And then as you put eloquently and clear, “conversations connect.” Love that!! I am a connector and am continually building my value around those connections. Connections with like-minded individuals will blossom creativity, innovation and ideas! That’s where the true power and evolution begins.

    Sorry, I’m a big process/workflow guy…. This your thinking boiled down into the simplest of terms?

    1. Transparency (identify/choice/motivation)
    2. Connections (listen/read/interact)
    3. Evolution (growth, change)
    4. ☺

    All of these make a difference and are equally important. This is one of those posts that is printed and always in my forefront. Powerful stuff, keep the great work flowing!

  2. Premakarini says:

    You know what I love the most about what you are sharing here John? I KNOW You are actively living these ideas also and discovering how powerful they are in your life and, of course, in your Business. You add so much value in the world by living this idea and your impact is growing exponentially. Its so exciting what we are finding out. And this is just the beginning of whats possible! Love your post. Love sharing this adventure with you and watching what is happening! Its so much fun! Thank you ; )

  3. Sandi Amorim says:

    I could write a post about how much I love this post and what you’re opening up! Conversations connect and connection is the key.

    When I reach out and connect from this place of transparency the results always astound me. It’s not about strategizing and working social media, it’s about showing up and starting a conversation as you have.

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  5. Sandy says:

    This post completely resonates with me. The very essence is vulnerability a la Brene Brown and her TEDxHouston talk. This basic premise of transparency reverberates thru our entire culture. I like this playground idea. Pull dynamic- a la John Hagel. You have captivated my imagination. Thank you.

  6. Melissa Mesch says:

    Transparency. Here is my transparency and this will probably be more than five minutes. What I have observed and become aware of within my self is that I need to strip off my fear clothes and run naked. I have always had a spontaneous nature and it has been brewing in me for some time with an inner desire to be more practical which has been highly beneficial for me. Plus, I am now aware that my spontaneity and my impulsiveness are aspects to be nourished. I was misusing these elements and now I have found a way to shine my inner light. This inner light is the ultimate core of love.
    I have found this in the last twenty-four hours. To give a quick synopses I will explain the lead-up events. I have been very close with a man for a couple of years now and I had struggled on and off with feelings of jealously. I was extremely hard on my self and tried to be somebody I wasn’t. I was trying to act as if I was tough and free of jealousy and accepting of certain things he would say and certain friends he felt compelled to have in his life. What I have come up was that I was free to express the feeling and the fear and free my self from the judgment of it. That is the first thing that I needed to do for my self. This expression of the truth of my emotional experience was a way that I could forgive my self and begin to move through and attachment to past occurences in this life (and others I am sure).
    I was also very attached to acceptance from others especially him. So one Friday night I decided to courageously express the truth and be more focused on what my learning was versus his response. I moved through this well and began to see something new with in my self.
    A couple months later a feeling came up in me in relation to a female friend of my love’s. She had been a threat to me at one time and I was truly comparing my self to her. I felt ashamed of this. I realized that I do not need to be ashamed of what I am feeling and I can choose to further investigate. When I say investigate I do not mean fixate. I had already been there and I had to move through that as I above mentioned. I had needed space and time to go into my center without outside influence.
    So, now, I felt an inner shift and love came through me. I asked for complete transcendence of the contraction and limitation of jealousy. Just because the woman was not in my life per se or he was not talking to her did not mean I had move through the learning I desired. I knew that I needed an experience to have a complete understanding. So in prayer and meditation I asked to be shown the way of love and of clarity because what I had truly desired all along was clarity in many facets of the relationships, but most significantly, I wanted clarity from my inner self. I knew when I came out of meditation the other day that within the day I would know.
    Well, one thing to the next clarity came. The woman had a tragedy in her life and reached out to my lover for guidance. He is amazing at being pragmatic and laying things out in a simple, spiritual, and whole way. The tragedy that had occured was extremely similar to one I had endured years earlier. In this moment I knew I could choose love over fear and compassion over jealousy. So I reached out to the woman and have opened myself up to a friendship. I admit that I had to move through some of the weeds in my garden but the choice here is for my growth and for and experience beyond the limitations of the past.
    One of the best parts about this is that I am doing this in joy with the added bonus of going to a magnificent Halloween party dressed and a colorful butterfly. Symbolically I will spread my wings as a new creature with a new experience of this life. The trust I have come upon is the trust in me to express my inner light through choice and through my creative butterfly attire. So I have stripped my fear clothes and put on butterfly wings.

  7. Premakarini says:

    Sandi, I couldn’t agree with you more. I love that you share your experience of transparency with us. Its so powerful isn’t it? I feel like we are playing with such potential here that its impossible not to get excited. You are so welcome to guest post on here on this. I think this would be amazing. I would love to hear more about your experiences. Its great to have you here.

  8. Premakarini says:

    I love Brene ‘s work and she was one of the sources of inspiration for my exploring this experience initially a while ago so I am happy that you mentioned her here. She so belongs here! If I may ask, what is it that resonates most? I would love to hear more about this! Thank you for adding to this. So happy you liked it.

  9. Premakarini says:

    Melissa: here is your first blog!! Love that you shared this. It is so powerful to see this after our conversation earlier. I cant wait to hear how this idea opens up your experience even more! I know how fast you grow! Thank you so for sharing here. Talk to you soon!

  10. An incredible conversation here! I too have found by stripping down to only my true, naked, vulnerable self, that it is not only liberating, but I have never been so clear and focused. I have reached an entirely new level of being. The people that come into your life, the opportunities that open up and the radiance that is burning bright is remarkable!

    Remove the masks and barriers and be free!

    What’s the worst that could happen?

  11. Melissa Mesch says:

    Thanks for the comments… The party was magnificent. Another element I have come upon is the attachment to identifying with a limitation. Like, when I am completely free of feelings of jealousy… who am I? How will I identify myself when I free myself from these kinds of attachments? A thought. It may belong on another subject. 🙂

  12. Otiti says:

    Oh my GOD!!! This puts into words what I’ve been trying to articulate to myself for some time now. I love it, just love it. I am excited to be part of the revolution of insight and enlightenment sweeping across like minds all over the globe. Thank you, Premakarini! 😀

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  14. Premakarini says:

    So happy you liked this + it was of some help…thank you for sharing your experience with us. From my experience, my greatest challenges have been my greatest teachers, most definitely. You might like Martha Becks latest book, she talks about this + the tools she shares work. Good to meet you!

  15. At last the movement is moving mountains…I dont say at last from a negative perspective but from a beautifully knowing space and a breath of fresh air to know when I stepped into that zone/paradigm/dimension of transparency it was going to be the one thing which would change the whole world. Transparency is the only thing in my mind which shall determine the continuation of the human species………What an extremely wonderful time to be alive to allow this surging energy to flow through as us catalysts for evolution to manifest into forms, shapes, experiences, wonder, sounds, reality, imagination……on and on and on

    I have enjoyed the posts and am proud to meet you all here in another extension of mind/imagination/thought/idea/transparently beyond words

    Premakarini surely we must sit on the Sofa as our first collaboration as collaboration is the new action and as we know the language of love is action speaks louder than………

    Maybe a skype to skype ASAP on the topic we are both passionate about and which is driving our choices and actions right now

    I love what John said By stripping yourself down till there’s nothing left but your true self is the transparency you discuss. Your simple, yet powerful statement, “You are free,” hits it. You ARE free to live unchained but need to make the choice to live that way and then be motivated to act.

    Transparently yours
    Simon – often on the Sofa

  16. Premakarini says:

    Its so wonderful to have you here on this post, it really is. We are so honored to have you here. Thank you for all that you are doing in the transparency + evolutionary arena. You truly are a pioneer in this field and we are immensely grateful for the work that you are contributing.
    Yes most definitely I look forward to many transparent collaborations with you + a conversation on the Sofa it is. I am going to be in England in April, so I look forward to getting to know you more + figuring out how I can support what you are doing more: because I am with you on how powerful transparency is. Our experience is making it so obvious, isn’t it? It truly is THE evolutionary tool that I think will make the most difference – it is in my life. My experiences here with this site + my books + all the amazing people I am meeting every day + connecting with through this work: it speaks for itself.
    Yes, lets skype soon and begin this amazing conversation!{I am Premakarini on Skype}

  17. Hello Premakarini
    Im with you. Looking forward to connecting, ive added you to skype. Its a powerful time to be alive and to be able to choose to be part of the ripple of transparency. April, how long will you be here, lets make a talk happen on transparency x

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  19. This post is so right.

    I used to use a Tweet scheduler, being told I should Tweet at certain times of the day and lots and lots of times a day–but it wasn’t “me” and I was actually surprised when my audience told me they wanted to hear more of “me!”

    I was shocked–why do people care about “me?” Isn’t it about marketing my message?

    But that’s so… wrong. I’m discovering more and more how manufacturing your message just makes it more difficult for people to read you (no pun intended).

    I’m being my canon self on social media now, and it feels GREAT–and people actually seem to like me. It’s nothing like public school… I’m only saying that half tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, being transparent is great.

    Adriana “Annie”

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wordplay: experience more presence. passion. get more out of life. give more.

Words change the world. Words are a kind of shorthand for life, of immense value, yet they can hold you back from fully listening to your present situation. What are you experiencing right now? Probably you are caught up in … Continue reading

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3 Responses to wordplay: experience more presence. passion. get more out of life. give more.

  1. Thank you for this post.Your book sounds very interesting.

  2. Premakarini says:

    Thank you, Chantilly! its great to see you here. So happy you liked it.

  3. Otiti says:

    These words made me relax so much as I read them. Awareness. Presence. This moment in time, right here and now. I found myself unwinding and being at peace because I wasn’t focused on anything other than what was happening at that moment. Thank you for this. You always touch my heart and I love you for it.

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Easy vulnerability: or how to hang out on the edge

I am scared. And totally excited at the same time.  The sensation is in my stomach and its moving up into my throat as I write this, as I dare to tell you that I am about to put some … Continue reading

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One Response to Easy vulnerability: or how to hang out on the edge

  1. John Kowalski says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!


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