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What’s your body trying to tell you? Body whispering: 13 Body language + Intuition truths. 4 Adventures.

  “The body never lies.” Martha Graham, {dancer}   The body is always transparent. You are just so deep in your mind {in thinking} you don’t always notice what your body is saying. You can learn so much about yourself … Continue reading

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8 Responses to What’s your body trying to tell you? Body whispering: 13 Body language + Intuition truths. 4 Adventures.

  1. Otiti says:

    You know, the body really does have a clear language all its own and we’re often far too busy to just listen or feel what it’s trying to tell us. Sometimes she has to scream before getting our attention. Wouldn’t it be great to check in with her so frequently that we become best bods? 😀

  2. Vladimir says:

    I just wander how did they estimate that number of thoughts a day. They invented some thought-counter machine? 🙂

  3. Premakarini says:

    LOL!! Yes, I know, the number does seem suspicious, right?! However, I have heard higher counts of closer to over a 100k. I tend to use the 60K example so as to not scare us too much! lol. I think its based on how many thoughts actually go through your mind {both conscious + subconscious} per minute, that makes some sense. I love to do this one meditation/exercise where you simply count your thoughts for 5 minutes, and then you see how your thought count lowers significantly + you can feel the difference – its great for when you want to slow down.

  4. Premakarini says:

    I know I have learned this lesson the hard way before I finally gave in + realized that I could just love my body the way it is + was feeling instead of trying to coerce it in other ways, lol. So good to read your latest post: got me all fired up for my next post where I will dive into this more + share what I have been learning… Its really interesting that we are on the same page emotionally. I know, too, of many others who are experiencing very similar emotions when it come to love so I am going to put it all into my next Tues post + see what happens!
    Its so wonderful, Otiti, that you are this in tune with your body!
    Thank you for all that you share with everyone here, Its always so insightful + empowering,
    Prema xo

  5. Thank you for using one of my talks in this wonderful post on the transparency and the body…I was only saying yesterday about how repressed our expression is and you can see it in everybody’s body……..we are talking mind body spirit and most people are bypassing the body and it is communicating this to us and we are not listening. Having been a Personal Trainer for many years I learnt so much about the body internally and out and observed people transform through becoming one with their body. As an Actor it’s all about body language, acting taught me to observe people, I love people watching.

    A great exercise for you all to start. Just start observing people, real simple and from their bodies allow the communication to flow. Observe how they move, how they react, what each body you pass is saying. You may not always be right and won’t have the ability to know, unless you spoke to every single person of course (that’s not going to happen) So just observe. The other person is you. We see in others what we don’t see in ourselves.

    Using other beings as the mirror for our own deepening of this wondrous experience is the simplest action we have at our fingertips.

    Words are the least form of communication yet we all use them without thinking. Time to be still and get real and tune into the body.

    What a vessel we have been gifted to walk this planet. Celebrate it, cherish it, love it, caress it, treat it, speak warmly and encourage it.
    You are worth it
    One love

  6. I really love this article – I’ve had some interesting body things come up for me, esp when I’m not taking care of myself physically.

    Very timely – thank you!

    x Denise DT

  7. Premakarini says:

    Simon, you are so welcome! Thank you for creating such powerful conversations + sharing them with everyone. Its amazing how much they stay with you, continuing to provoke interesting ideas + insights even weeks after you hear them, they really are THIS powerful.
    Thank you for sharing this exercise with us. I wanted to play with it for a while before I replied to this so that I could share some words on my experience. It gives you a whole new way to listen more to what others are truly wanting to communicate with you, its so much more direct than the verbal level. Awesome insight.
    I have always seen others as a mirror: thank you for adding another dimension to this!
    Love what you share your insights from your personal trainer perspective: “how people transform through becoming one with their body.” I definitely observed this too when I did specific Body work with my clients.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You are awesome! So looking forward to sharing more conversation with you very soon.

  8. Premakarini says:

    So happy that you liked it + that you are here!
    Looking forward to checking out your book – congratulations! + blog more.

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