Success: a question of strength

{Why consciously developing core strengths is the key to your creative success}

Success requires boldness, boldness requires strength.

The level of success you experience and reach is determined by your level of confidence. And yeah, you know it: confidence requires strength. Confidence is ultimately your awareness of your strengths, of what you are capable of, and when you haven’t put yourself consciously in enough challenging situations, you have no idea of the actual strength you are rocking… but to face challenges at this level, and with this level of awareness, it requires a certain level of confidence. You see the catch 22.

So how do you develop the level of strength and awareness to get you into this game?

If only there was a kind of password strength test for confidence and character skills before you faced your next challenge. Imagine how you would completely rock it, if this were the case…

Well there is, well kind of.

I have been playing with various tools and techniques to test just this, so that not only do I have the courage and confidence to try just about anything, I can accurately assess my skill level to see if I am prepared, and if not, what I can do to create the level of confidence required to not only rise to the challenges as they present themselves, but to successfully navigate pretty much through anything.

Here are some of the insights from the edge, just to give you a preview:

  • The more you consciously engage life, the more you level up in terms of challenges: this is how you grow and develop skills just like in a video game. However, just as in video games, there are certain techniques and tools that you can access and use to your advantage which means not only do you play the game better, it makes it more fun.
  • Big picture perspective: if you can gain an overview of what is actually happening, life gets exponentially easier. This is the ultimate game changer.
  • With the right technique, just about anything is possible. It’s so essential to explore new tools and ideas and ways of thinking so that you can begin to access not only the right tool or technique, but you can create your own to go to a whole new level.

More to follow, or while you are waiting, you can read other posts in success for more like this. What does this inspire in you? Leave me a comment below sharing from your experiences, or how this helps you. Till next time.

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  2. Premakarini says:

    Thanks, I am glad that you enjoyed this article! Yes there are more – this is just one of a series so keep coming back and look under the success and creative success category for more. Here’s to your continued success!

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  4. Premakarini says:

    Thank you and continue to let me know how these ideas help you! Its great to connect with you.