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One on one Consultations & group sessions


It is my privilege to support and empower Leaders, Coaches and Consultants so they can offer the highest quality of service and make the most difference in the world.

My specific expertise & focus


Creative Genius + Process

Social Media + Content Strategy

Sexual & emotional trauma support

Enlightened life design tools & meditation



Creative genius & process sessions

We explore together through your unique creative focus, passions and dreams, using my extensive experience of the creative process through writing, dance and singing.

Whatever your creative passions are, my dedication is to assist you in getting your unique voice, message and creative genius out into the world where it is so needed.


Warning: Sessions are intensely playful, informal & fun, which is the most conducive environment for the work we accomplish together. If you love to have fun, then the sessions are ideal, because this is how I engage & play.



Social Media + Content Strategy

New online? New to twitter? Or are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Social Media is one of my favorite creative playgrounds and I would be honored to help you enhance + optimize your online presence, your site copy & content.

I specialize in creating Leading Brand Online Presence using a combination of cutting edge Content and Digital strategy designed to connect you with your audience and establish you as the Leader in your field.

Let me know how I can be of service.

I am here to help you get your unique message out in the world.

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Sexual & emotional trauma support

From my own personal experience I have extensive and firsthand knowledge of the emotional landscape and terrain that you are navigating. It is my privilege to share my presence, wisdom and awareness to offer you the most support, healing and love that you need for your healing process and journey.

It is my conviction from my own experience, and that of those I have assisted, that you have a profound message to share in the world. It is my privilege to be part of your life journey and to assist you in getting your much needed brilliance out into the world.

It is my honor and privilege to be of service to you.



Enlightened life design tools & meditation

It has been an honor & a privilege to teach many meditation throughout the years and currently I teach siddha kriya yoga & enlightened meditation techniques to enhance your quality & experience of enlightened life.

We are all naturally enlightened. The trick is returning to this state. This is what I share with you.

I first experienced enlightenment in 2005 and have been studying and experimenting extensively since in order to share this experience with as many as I can.

I love exploring this with others, so you are most welcome to join me in this most amazing adventure.



One on One sessions


Live a life that is completely your design that allows you to shine and be you

Learn how to access unlimited energy to create whatever you want

Offer even more to your clients if you are a coach or consultant

Develop core character skills and strengths that empower your life + make a difference

Make the impact that you want, helping people in the way that inspires you the most, living a life you passionately love

Learn proven tools + techniques that transform the quality of your life

Develop your passions into skills that you can use in your career, relationships + creative life

Discover your unique talents and gifts: Live your biggest dream + then some

Talk to me. Let me know how I can be of service: I am here for you