What quickens your heart? creative genius, intense appreciation + guilty pleasure


BIG thanks. Immense gratitude. {We need a new word. Any ideas?}

Live so that you are immersed in this much appreciation. This is self love at the highest level. Allow yourself to be this You, this authentic {when you live this way you contribute more in the world than you can ever know}

Do what you love more than anything else. Life is too short for anything else. Indulge your passions, indulge what genuinely brings you pleasure. Pleasure is the highest form of reality there is.


Your chances of success are directly proportional to the amount of pleasure you derive from what you do.

Michael Korda 


Believe in yourself. No one is going to believe in you until you do. Everything outside of you is a mirror. It can only show you what you currently most believe in. This is what I mean by live inside out. Believe deeply in what you can do + what you are here to do. Once you believe in yourself, everyone else does. It’s a resonance thing.


Do what quickens your heart like nothing else


Push up against your guilty pleasure limit. If you are feeling guilty this is good: you are at your edge. Just stay here. Then, push past it: immerse in fun.When you having as much fun as you can stand who cares if you are supposed to be doing this?

Fire the fun police. Trust yourself. Trust fun. If you aren't having fun now, when are you planning to? There’s no such thing as time. It’s time to do what you love most. This is what’s going to have the most impact in your life AND in the world. Trust this: wait until you see the big picture.

Your story, your experiences, your voice matter more than you realize.



What do you love to do most?

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Why?

What do you most love about yourself right now?

What is the most fun you have had this week? Prioritize this.


Moi? Singing. Dancing. Writing. Living totally in the moment. Hanging out with my favorite people. Spontaneity. Travel. Whatever makes my heart beat wildly.

Have a wonderful week playing with these ideas and on Sunday the 13th look out for the Creative Genius playground {more details here} that is now open, with even more material to be added throughout the month. I am excited. I am throwing in some exclusive book material that I cant wait to share with you.

I do have some life coaching availability this year also. I am happy to answer any questions at admin@premakarini.com

Much love,

Premakarini x

Thank you for being in my world and for sharing all that you do.

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