Your presence is required


When you totally show up + shine, anything is possible.

It all comes down to self trust. This is the muscle you need to strengthen. The only way to do this is to keep putting yourself out there, especially when it’s scary. This is how you build nerve. This is how you get moxie.


This is how you make the most difference. 


Everything is in the moment. Keep everything* here = most energy + impact

*your writing, your blog posts, your creativity: your focus

When you share material intuitively in + through the moment = most resonant, authentic.

Content with this level of presence has the most integrity. Period.

Play with this. See for yourself: Watch the response.

Is it easy? Not always. But once you’re in the swing of things, it’s quite the rush. The hardest part is getting out there. Trusting. Then the rest kicks in. You are experiencing the intense nervous energy because this means a lot to you. You are afraid of messing it up. You are actually afraid you won’t show up in the way you want to. Once you are actually in the experience, however, all this nervous energy turns into excitement + exhilaration, promise.

All this requires practice. It’s okay not to be able to pull it all off at once. No one expects you to. We are all learning this together as we go. Actually it deeply moves + inspires me when I see things not go as they should on a launch or during an appearance, and it rarely influences the way I feel about anyone. You can feel the intention. Presence is palpable.

Your actual impact depends on the amount of presence, the amount you show up: it doesn’t matter if you do things in a particular way or achieve a certain result. Your influence + reach lies simply in how present you are.


Presence is power.


How much you get out of life is up to you. How much you get out of each moment is your choice. It’s not a question of whether this moment has anything to give you but what are you open + ready to receive right now?

Each moment has so much to give but you are not able to receive it. You don’t know how to simply show up and be yourself + fully experience what’s right in front of you. You are already off chasing something else.

How intensely are you here right now? Or are you off someplace else or trying to be someone else?

You are afraid you are not enough: this is why it’s hard for you to be 100% present + show up and shine just by simply being you.

When you step fully into you, your life begins.


Premakarini xo

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  2. Frank Prideaux says:

    Awesome!! xxoo

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2 Responses to Your presence is required

  1. Pingback: Guest Post – Rise + resolve « Radiant Soul Space

  2. Frank Prideaux says:

    Awesome!! xxoo