What I believe: What do you believe in? What do you stand for?



What do you believe makes the most difference in the world?

What do you believe in? What do you stand for?

What do you live by? What is your why?


What I believe…


Love is everything.

We are all the same: equal, yet unique. Everyone deserves equal respect. The key to our survival at this time is to honor and respect this by living this.

Women are making the most difference in the world. When we empower women to be all they can be, everyone thrives.

Trust is our most invaluable resource at this time. Trust is the key: the more we trust ourselves, the more trust we sustain and nurture in the world.

Creative genius inspires & empowers us all.

There is unlimited power within all of us and creatively we can tap into this at any time.

There is nothing more empowering than totally being yourself.

It is your love that makes you beautiful.

Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are.

You are so much more than you think you are.

Words create new worlds.

Image is the universal language.

We are responsible for the images we create in the world.

What you sing = what you create. Sing what you want to experience & see in the world.

{when you believe in your lyrics this gets amplified}


Why I do everything I do

To be able to empower & support these invaluable contributions in the world:





What I live by…


The priority is that we all thrive.

A new idea is a door to a new world of experience. We are here to experience as much as we can. The most freeing thing you can do is explore & live new ideas.

What you believe sets the parameters {limits} for what you experience.

We empower each other when we see everyone as equal. It is this level of respect that frees us all.

Being playful and having fun is more valuable & important than we realize.

Love is our ultimate source of power: the more we love, the more we live lives that we love, the more empowered we are to make the most difference in the world.

Authenticity and transparency empower and free us all.

Stay in love, stay vulnerable: it’s the most beautiful place in the world.

Your life is your greatest work of art. Life is pure adventure: when you live & realize this, you know your life is your greatest work of art.


And some quotes I believe in and live by


When sleeping women awaken, mountains move. Chinese proverb

A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been, and done, which may take some time, you are fierce with reality. Florida Scott Maxwell


What you believe in

And from you {updating} let me know what you believe

Inquire Within I believe most in change. Because it is what makes nature powerful, and evolves our soul experience, and it cannot be avoided!

Stephanie Waasdorp  I believe in LOVE because I think that's the only thing that is real and the only thing that matters.

Nabila Arshad  Every moment is worth living

@futurnaut I believe in the present moment, basic goodness and the unity of all sentient beings

Thank you for sharing in this amazing adventure with me, I always appreciate that you are here.

Much love,

Premakarini x

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Your presence is required


When you totally show up + shine, anything is possible.

It all comes down to self trust. This is the muscle you need to strengthen. The only way to do this is to keep putting yourself out there, especially when it’s scary. This is how you build nerve. This is how you get moxie.


This is how you make the most difference. 


Everything is in the moment. Keep everything* here = most energy + impact

*your writing, your blog posts, your creativity: your focus

When you share material intuitively in + through the moment = most resonant, authentic.

Content with this level of presence has the most integrity. Period.

Play with this. See for yourself: Watch the response.

Is it easy? Not always. But once you’re in the swing of things, it’s quite the rush. The hardest part is getting out there. Trusting. Then the rest kicks in. You are experiencing the intense nervous energy because this means a lot to you. You are afraid of messing it up. You are actually afraid you won’t show up in the way you want to. Once you are actually in the experience, however, all this nervous energy turns into excitement + exhilaration, promise.

All this requires practice. It’s okay not to be able to pull it all off at once. No one expects you to. We are all learning this together as we go. Actually it deeply moves + inspires me when I see things not go as they should on a launch or during an appearance, and it rarely influences the way I feel about anyone. You can feel the intention. Presence is palpable.

Your actual impact depends on the amount of presence, the amount you show up: it doesn’t matter if you do things in a particular way or achieve a certain result. Your influence + reach lies simply in how present you are.


Presence is power.


How much you get out of life is up to you. How much you get out of each moment is your choice. It’s not a question of whether this moment has anything to give you but what are you open + ready to receive right now?

Each moment has so much to give but you are not able to receive it. You don’t know how to simply show up and be yourself + fully experience what’s right in front of you. You are already off chasing something else.

How intensely are you here right now? Or are you off someplace else or trying to be someone else?

You are afraid you are not enough: this is why it’s hard for you to be 100% present + show up and shine just by simply being you.

When you step fully into you, your life begins.


Premakarini xo

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2 Responses to Your presence is required

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  2. Frank Prideaux says:

    Awesome!! xxoo

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Your secret passion: what it’s trying to tell you



What’s your secret passion?

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to make it known? Are you ready to hear what it is trying to tell you?

No matter what form this passion takes: a secret love, writing, painting, dancing - it can take any form - its that one thing that you do when no one is around, its that thing you get up in the night to steal time for:  it has something to tell you.

It wants to be known.

First by you. Then by the world.

The first part is the hardest. We indulge our secret passions so rarely that we don’t always recognize them as such. They are guilty pleasures that only occur as isolated, random events. We are afraid to indulge them; we love them this much we are afraid they will take over given too much of our attention, time and energy and so we keep them from ourselves. Or we keep ourselves from them: same thing.

It takes a trained outside eye to spot them: a passion detective to bring them to light.

We keep ourselves out of our secret passions because we sense their power, their potential in our lives. They make us question who we are, what we deserve, what we should be doing. All those powerful questions that bring everything up: every emotion, every thought that we have been trying not to engage.

They make us uncomfortable.

Who am I to want to be a portrait photographer? What am I thinking starting to write this novel? Why do I want to be a tour guide in Asia, really? What am I thinking?

So they lie dormant waiting for their opportunity to break through into our lives.

They have their ways of doing this. And some of them, you are not going to like.

For me one of these ways was being thrown from an ex racehorse stallion that I was thinking of buying. He had other ideas and made them well known when he threw me as a way of saying, thank you, but I’m staying with my current owner. She would have wanted this as well, but struggling with cancer she felt he needed another home. The result? Bed and home bound for a month at my farmland cottage.

And this wasn't enough: it took a bad fall hiking. In the same year, I fell and landed on my knee the wrong way ripping the ligament completely.  I literally had to be taken down a second time to really get the point. After several months of not being able to walk I was forced to write in bed.  Finally I got it.

There are easier ways.

You can respond the second you feel the first few nudges. You don’t have to be stubborn like me and learn the hard way. You can learn how to recognize your deepest passions and facilitate them into the world the fun and easy way.

This is why I am writing Creative Passion to facilitate this for you and more. I want you to get the most out of your life and to live it in the most authentic, fulfilling way that is uniquely yours. If you want a sneak peek into this book, the first section is in The Creative Genius Playground for your creative adventures into this fascinating realm.


You deserve this.


This is one of my deepest passions. What’s yours?

Dare to name and claim your passion below.

Use the comments box to post here, or send it through the site email: admin@premakarini.com

See how important this is? Do it so you can see, so you can experience its power.


There is such power in declaring your passions


Do as much as you can now. More will follow later, where we continue to explore your passions and your dreams in an even deeper way: where you get to experience your passion more directly and in ways that you won’t be able to resist.

* Love affairs and attractions reveal more about who you are than you realize. Your most passionate attractions & love interests want you to know more about who YOU are. This is why they are showing up now: explore them creatively so they don’t disrupt your life. It’s not always what you think…


Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are


Have fun exploring this and let me know how it goes. If you enjoyed this post feel free to pass it on to your loved ones: warning: this may open up some interesting conversations for you.

Epic Love,

Premakarini X


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The guilt factor: you can’t rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad


Guilty often? Regret much? Guilt drains and depletes. Guilt traps energy. Guilt gets in the way of the important things: LOVE, FUN + play. Guilt is the one thing you can most do without. As long as you feel regret you are stuck to some extent. Free = creative.

Flush guilt fast. Experience more energy now. Here’s how:

Revisualize the undesired event happening EXACTLY how you’d like it to have happened. Use details to lock in the feeling. The FEELING is what is most important, so don’t worry if you have trouble visualizing any of the actual details.

Now realize something important here.

Where you are now: you have the benefit of much experience + development.


“You’re always evolving and developing,

whether you are conscious of this process or not”


You see more of the BIG picture.

You are more conscious NOW.

So, of course you can see a better way.


“Hindsight may be 20-20.

Conscious, heightened perception*= 360°  

Timeless. Potent. Unlimited.”


*guilt lowers your perceptive capacity. Guard against guilt.

Responsibility = your ability to respond in the moment. Higher perception = more responsible

Guilt = regret NOW in the present time that you didn't do it better back THEN.

{OF COURSE you could have done it better now. For all the reasons above and then some}

HERE’S what you have to know: YOU did the best you could given where you were at the time. TRUST this.

You did everything right, even if now it seems wrong.

Keep revisualizing until it feels right. See it exactly as you’d do it now. Experiment + explore this as much as you are pulled to. It may take several visits to feel a difference.

This is IMPORTANT. This is your life.

Guilt is the reason you feel stuck. Guilt erodes life. It’s an acid. It affects your body. It keeps your energy low. It doesn’t need to be a part of your experience.

Yes: it’s true.

With a little reworking using your mind in the way it was perfectly designed for, you can move through any guilt and feel the palpable difference.

Oh, and your body will thank you, too.

You deserve the best. All the time. Don’t let guilt trick you into believing otherwise.

A HUGE welcome and thanks to everyone who is joining us here! Be sure to leave your blog info, insights + adventures in the comments below so we can all get to know you! You are in the good company! And BIG thanks for all the shares: let's see how much this idea can make a difference out there in the world.


Premakarini xo

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6 Responses to The guilt factor: you can’t rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad

  1. James says:

    Awesome Expressions~ Thank You ;))

  2. Very powerful post here. By revisualizing, it completely alters your perception. Hence, freeing you to be you, resulting in creativity ind increased awareness.

    Keep up the great conversations!

  3. Melissa Mesch says:

    By revisualizing will one be creating a similiar future event?

    I do see how revisualizing can create power in the heart. I began to practice this and started to realize that possibly I don’t want to change what I had or had not done…Although, I have also noticed that I had been afraid to use my voice and be confident.

    Revisiting the event(s) has helped me see the quality that I would like to give forth now and it relates to freedom. The freedom to be who I am in any moment. What real risk is there when we are loving ourselves. Funny (not ha ha) how it feels risky to be true to our hearts desire….
    love to all!

  4. Fantastic points, it really got me. 🙂 I recently, too, had an article about guilt, and – how wonderful our diversity is – addressed it from a different view: I said, relative to the other people, we’re always a weapon in their hands, since if it’s active in their vibration, they would get it anyway. And relative to ourselves, every event is neutral, and we can redefine it to having a positive effect on our life. So guilt just doesn’t exist, we make it up.

    By the way, regarding something we did – I usually say to me and my clients, that the actions are defined by our vibration, and blaming ourselves for the action, we make the vibration even lower. So it’s better to leave what’s done at that and tend to our vibration, and that includes finding better feeling thoughts about it all, including the action.:) So don’t look at what’s “true”, look at what serves you, and finding positive about the action and the subject, feels better, and so serves us both now and for the future.

    One of the biggest traps is to be upset about something we did and say, I will do it better next time. It creates tension and almost makes sure that next time we do the same, until we change the vibration, and that means – see what we did as somehow a good thing, make peace with it, so what you’re saying about the rich experience etc., is very precise. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Melissa Mesch says:

    Yes. I like the percpective of trusting what I had done in that moment being what was necessary at that time. Being at peace with the events is vital for present vitality, vibration, and the feeling tone and emotion that rides along with our learning.

  6. MELISASource says:

    I agree with your words in this post. I say it all of the time: at the end of the day, you have to trust that you did your best and let the rest go. Continuous self-affirmations go a long way in this way of thinking too. Thanks for sharing

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12 reasons to live your passions + dreams: what you are missing out on if you don’t

You are not living the life you really want + the worst thing is you don't really know what is exactly holding you back. Get unstuck so you can start living your dreams now. Here are 12 common sticking points + what you need to know to get past them:

1. You don’t know how to: no one is taught to pursue their passions + dreams and when you see others doing it it's easy to think that they have special talents or skills that you don’t have. It’s easy to believe that you don’t have what it takes. The truth is this: you have everything you need – all the life experience + knowledge just waiting for you to tap into it. When you live life passionately you tap into a level of intuition that gives you access to a whole new level of intelligence and skill.

2. You don’t feel you can: you don’t feel you deserve to live life at this level of happiness and this fully. You don’t have a role model or reference point for this kind of lifestyle so you continue to live a life that is not so fulfilling because you think this is all there is. The thing is: when you live your passions you enter into a whole new emotional world, one that is so deeply rewarding and fulfilling – as intensely as it is also challenging. When you live this, you never want to go back to the way you lived + felt before.

3. You are afraid to put yourself out there: it feels easier psychologically to live a life that is not your dream + to ignore those passions that pull on you than to risk doing what you have always longed to do for risk of looking silly or failing. Don’t worry about how it looks from the outside: remember that everyone else is all caught up in their own life to be that concerned about what you are doing. And think of all the fun you and your loved ones will have when you have cause for celebration later when your book best-sells or when you win that huge promotion.

4. You have tried and it didn’t go as expected: often when you risk everything + make big changes in your life you are so out of your element that you retreat back to your comfort zone because you are not used to negotiating the nerves that it brings up in you. It’s a bit like getting back out there + dating, it’s not easy at first and you would rather stay at home than get all nervous and then have it go badly. To get past this, focus on what feels fun and keep doing this. Fun is the most powerful motivator and yet we believe it has to be hard if it is worthwhile. Redo this belief + start enjoying your new direction.

5. You don’t believe it’s possible: often you feel your passions are so 'out there' you have no idea how to make them part of your life, or if they are even possible. Everyone is unique + so it’s impossible to compare lives: what may work well for one person doesn’t for another, so you don’t start because you're not sure where to. Look for people who are already living your passions + dreams and experiment with what works for them. Find a mentor or coach who has experience in your desired life arena to determine what you need to do and to help facilitate this unknown terrain.


"Passion is energy.

Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you"

~ Oprah Winfrey


6. You experience too much emotion: when you live your dreams it is common for repressed/suppressed emotion to come up once you start feeling more empowered + are in a stronger place to deal with them, but sometimes this emotion overwhelms you, and you find yourself retreating from your dream lifestyle because it feels easier and less challenging. Having an experienced mentor or coach is invaluable at this point. It is natural to feel more when you live your passions: you are opening up. Eventually everything settles at this new level of life. Knowing the emotional terrain at this point comes from experience.

7. You are living a life that is so far away from your dreams; you have no idea how to get there: this is very common. We have often been raised to live up to the expectations of others, and our parents + loved ones often live and dream vicariously through our life so it’s easy to lose touch in your actual dreams and passions. You lose touch with what you really want, and need to find a way back. To overcome this: allow yourself to dream big + dig deep into what you want. Realize that your dream waits for you to start living it, its never too late to begin the process.

8. You feel you don’t have the time, resources or what it takes: you feel like you are too old or too busy to take the time to invest in your passions and dreams, not realizing that these are actually the keys to your authentic happiness + fulfillment and that living your passion would knock years off your life, visibly and that living the dream you have always longed to would actually be more lucrative and require less time and be less draining than struggling to live a life that is not you. In fact, if you feel like you don’t have enough time or energy it is a clear indication that you are not living your dreams + passions.

9. You fear that others will criticize you or reject you if you change your life in a big way: it’s easy to get stuck in other people’s agendas especially if you are close and they depend on you. However, imagine all that you can actually contribute if you honor what is ideal for you by making the changes to your life in this way. Not only will you be happier and more empowered, but you also inspire your loved ones to live their dreams by committing to yours.

10. You think that you don’t have enough intelligence: this is a big one and the irony is that intelligence is actually so much more than what we think it is. There are different types of intelligence and when you follow your passions you literally create a new neural network that increases your overall intelligence capacity exponentially: there is no reason you can’t pursue your passion, no matter how much intelligence it seems to require, you will more than achieve it. AND in addition to increasing your neural plasticity, you access a higher form of intelligence – your intuitive intelligence which is only limited by how much you utilize it.

11. You don’t realize what success is at stake: when you live your dream, when you follow your passion there is no limit to the amount of success you can achieve but you don’t realize that this is what you are missing out on until you begin to live what you love at this level. Even if you have been living your passion to some extent but not fully or at the level that you want to, you are missing out on so much + you don’t realize it. Commit fully to your passions; live full on. Is there any other way to live, really?

12. You are waiting for the ideal time or for someone/something else before you start: it’s very common to feel you need or want some external form of permission when it comes to dreams. The common perception + consensus is they are indulgent – luxuries that you somehow must earn – and not allowed until live until you feel like you have some kind of go-ahead. The truth is if you wait for some external force or push, you might never live the life you are here to live.

Look at it this way: you have this specific skill set + set of experiences that no one else in the world has: these are your cards to play. No one else can play them but you. No one else can live your dream for you. Begin now. Take one step right now towards realizing your dreams. Pursue one passion in the next hour.

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

Thanks for being here, its always fun to share with you.


Premakarini xo


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10 Responses to 12 reasons to live your passions + dreams: what you are missing out on if you don’t

  1. Dyamond says:

    i feel like you are always speaking to me. Wonderful work!

  2. Otiti says:

    Oh my, this is SO in tune with my latest post!!! See what I mean by a global movement reshaping the way we think?! This is just, wow. WOW. I love it. Thank you so much. The 12 points are especially amazing because they cover all our doubts and fears before big steps/plunges.

  3. Premakarini says:

    Love your post, Otiti! You + I are on the same wavelength, I love it! You are so right about how there is a movement reshaping the way we think + I am so thankful that I get to share this adventure with you…You are so fun! Thank you for being a part of my world ; )

  4. Premakarini says:

    I am so happy that this speaks to you, means so much!
    thank you for being here xo

  5. I love this post. It really brought to light the changes that I’ve been through over the past year as I figured out just how to live my passion. I can very easily identify the results.. but this post really helped me to be able to identify key areas of transition!

    I love it. I’m going to have to document some of these realizations.

  6. Premakarini says:

    So good to hear this, Megan: Keep me posted on what insights you get…would love to hear more! Lovely to connect with you more xo

  7. Sandi Amorim says:

    Love, love, love this!

    I appreciate you for sharing these reasons and inspiring us all!

  8. Premakarini says:

    Love that you are here. So appreciate having you in the world.
    Here’s to unlimited mischief! {still lovin that post of yours: http://www.devacoaching.com/2011/12/22/mischief-making/ Wow it was Dec 22nd + its still on my mind…now that’s some good stuff!

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