Remarkable You: my vision + manifesto for you



Own your brilliance. Live every idea that inspires and moves you. Then reach for even more.


Allow yourself to be fascinated: by everyone and everything. You don’t even need a reason, in fact, it's even better if you don’t.



This is your time to explore. To adventure. To shine.


Give yourself unlimited permission to live everything that pulls on you, even if sometimes it’s only in your mind. Your life is as free as your perception. Open your mind, and leave it open.

Dare to see yourself like never before. Dare to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. In this way, you develop your super power of true vision and you can see others, too. You see the unexpressed parts that are waiting to live through you: dare to live these. They are your fastest track to unlimited energy, bliss: power.

Don’t be afraid of what others think. They see you anyway – they just might not know it, yet.

And when you step fully into you, you free them too.

See and be seen: it’s only when you’re transparent that you begin to see the world as it really is. Remarkable is a choice.

Seth Godin



Desire awakens possibility. Play catalyzes what is possible. Passion is your playground. Indulge your dreams and passions. Creativity is your nature: you are always creating, make this conscious, and you make a difference. More than you will ever know.


Inhabit each moment: see how far you can go. Unlearn limitation. Play with possibility: unleash your potential.


"You are so much more than you think you are"


Above all else, be playful. Have fun. Love more. Learn to lose yourself in laughter. Live from intuition. Look inside: it's where everything you are looking for is. Trust yourself.

Empower others. Make your difference.


Make visible what, without you, might perhaps have never been seen.

Robert Bresson


Dare to unleash remarkable you.

Stay bold, keep shining


Premakarini xo

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11 Responses to Remarkable You: my vision + manifesto for you

  1. Dyamond says:

    You just… you are so wonderful. This was powerful and hit me like a ton of bricks. It made me feel like I can take on anything, do anything, be anything.

    Why is it that we have so much power, yet we are so afraid to unleash ourselves?

    Thank you for this. <3 <3 <3

  2. Jess says:

    Thank you for your kind words that really boosted me this morning.

  3. Carlynda says:

    This has made my day. I wish all postings were this good.

  4. Leidy says:

    Wait, I can’t fathom it being so straightforward.

  5. Keylon says:

    In awe of that answer! Really cool!

  6. Matt Crux says:

    What a wonderful post! I totally agree with you! People are watching you all the time whether you think so or not so begin to live like you are being seen 24/7 even when you are in your room alone because the reality is you’re being watched! It’s so freeing when I found this out and have unleashed my creative power and play even more so because of it. When you know you have eyes on you, you just want to show the World yourself even more!

    When we start exploring ourselves even deeper we will see dark aspects of ourself in other people because everyone is a reflection of you! So when you show them your inner light they to can see themselves and what they can also be! So let’s raise the vibration of Earth and Shine our Light unto the World as we bring about a Cultural Evolution of Loving Dreams and Higher Mindsets of Peace! One Love! 🙂 <3

  7. Simply brilliant. Each word speaks of your inner energy raring to break the barriers and realize yourself fully and perfectly; to blend with the cosmic energy. Warding off negative influences and inhibitions, keep on digging further within you. You are born to spread a glow of peace and prosperity. Regards.

  8. Premakarini says:

    Thank You. That is so beautifully expressed. I am finding that this adventure really is one of the most incredible experiences there is and it is such a privilege to be able to share it in this way. I am so happy that you are here.

  9. Otiti says:

    This. Is. AMAZING!! Yes, yes, and yes again! These are the words we need to hear. These are the words we need to know. This is our light and our calling. Dare we answer? Hell yes. 🙂

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Spontaneity: the royal road to discovering and being your intuitive + authentic self


Spontaneity reigns.


When you are spontaneous: you are in the moment. You have enough trust. You act intuitively. You gain clarity. You are empowered. You are having fun.


Trust is the key to the intuitive process.

You don’t have to overthink everything. You gain nothing from second guessing in life. The more you think: the less clear you are.

Clarity comes from acting and responding spontaneously + intuitively in each moment.

Trust that what you need most in each moment will come through you exactly in the form that is best. Think + feel from your intuition. Trust what feels right. Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is not only the key to being your authentic self, spontaneity works because it unleashes your intuitive self which enables you to be all you, which, incidentally, is all you need.


Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

Ernest Holmes 



“Spontaneity accelerates the intuitive experience. Be bold. Do everything the way that feels right, every time. It probably won’t make sense but the authenticity of this: everything.” 


This is why intuition + the intuitive experience is so important and powerful:


It allows you to be you. It allows you to experience life at any level you desire and to keep taking it to the next level, which is the natural function of desire.


You are always wanting what’s next whether you are conscious of it or not.

This is just how you are wired. You can’t help but want more. Its how you evolve.

Don’t waste time trying to get rid of your desire. Denying what you want: dangerous territory – interesting, but not easy.

When you know what you want: go get it. Do whatever it takes to put it in motion. Honor + respect yourself in this way.

One of the reasons your life isn’t all it can be: you don’t respect yourself enough. You are always controlling what you have and want, instead of respecting your intuitive, spontaneous preference in the moment. You do it every day, all day long. You want a coffee and you don’t get stop and get it. You want to tell someone how you really feel: you don’t call. You want to lie down and rest: you push through and force out another hours work.

You do it all the time because you think you “know” better.

What you think you want and need and what you really want and need: two different things usually.

Test drive this + see.

Watch how many times you debate getting something during the day from big to the smallest decisions. Note all the times you second guess yourself. Notice how often you tell yourself no throughout even one morning.

Now do it differently. Experiment: experience your spontaneity + intuition. Dare to be this alive + present.

{excerpt from the upcoming Intuitive Edge: Take Life to the Next Level}

Thank you for sharing this,


Premakarini xo


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4 Responses to Spontaneity: the royal road to discovering and being your intuitive + authentic self

  1. Otiti says:

    You just spoke to my heart right now. I swear you say the things I wish I could if only I could face them. This is so powerful and so true. What do we gain from tamping down our fires and desires? Big fat nothing + discontentment. What do we gain from freeing ourselves to feel and be and burn? Everything, simply everything. Joy. Love. Power. Bliss. Thank you so much for this.

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Desire is Possibility talking



What’s possible? You get to decide.


What do you WANT to be possible?


Here’s the real question: what do you really want?


The hardest part of navigating desire is deciding what you really want, then allowing yourself to actually have it in your life. It all comes down to permission. Freedom. How much freedom you allow yourself to play with in life, to engage possibility in your own unique, authentic way.

Freedom to think differently, to explore new ideas, new ways of experiencing life; to explore what you really value and believe at your deepest core, independent of what your culture or tribe thinks or feels.


Desire summons what’s possible into existence. Desire is evolutionary in its most essential, rawest nature. It demands we develop, grow, change and allow others this equal privilege.


Desire is palpable, present, focused: always in the moment. It’s that unadulterated intoxication of pure pleasure – the feeling of already having exactly what you want – not the aching or longing it’s usually associated with of its actual opposite: not being able to have what you truly desire.


Desire is passion and excitement condensed. It’s that intense pull you experience, that intuitive knowing that what you want is perfect for you at this time. Desire resonates at the deepest level. You feel yourself come alive in every cell the more you indulge its evocative call.


Pure desire quickens, there’s a quality of momentum involved that’s immediately generated. You find your every movement accelerates the more you move towards what you want. It’s as if you are being pulled exactly by and to what you want as you discover the deeper layers of what’s truly involved. Its inescapable.

This is not to say that everything is perfect, especially in the initial stages when strong resistance can come into the equation and throw everything into confusion. The hardest part is trusting what you want. Often this requires intense impactful life changes that may challenge what you believe about life itself. Yet upon deeper evaluation, you realize that these beliefs are simply outgrown.

The trick is to allow yourself to explore your desire and what you hold of the highest value on your own terms. To decide for yourself. To allow yourself to think differently: this is how we make the most difference ever in the world.


To Our adventures with Possibility


Endless love,

Premakarini X


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Creative Courage: Follow your heart. It’s how you feel at the end of the day that matters


Creativity takes courage

Henri Matisse  


I participated in a call about following your passion with SARK, the best selling author of 16 books that inspire and teach creativity with over 4000 listeners present. The call inspires me to talk a little bit about courage, especially when it comes to anything creative, as so many voiced their hesitancy and doubt as to whether to pursue a particular dream, and asked how to know if it was right for them. I am so grateful to SARK, she has inspired and encouraged me for so many years now, and it has been my privilege, also, to work with her.


Follow your heart: it’s how you feel at the end of the day that matters.


Its so easy to second guess ourselves when we are trying to do something totally new and usually beyond our comfort zone. Its natural. Yet once we are used to the creative process, just as with any experience, it becomes more familiar - you begin to notice certain milestones and recognize what happens at various stages of living your dream and exploring your passions.



When you begin your creative process on any level, when you commit to a project – often after the initial excitement, you begin to experience paralyzing fear that can stop you in your tracks, and it makes you question whether this is something you want after all.

It takes courage to commit to your projects, your dreams, to explore your passions, your art - your creative process - don't give up just yet. In fact, the fear that you are experiencing is actually a good sign.

Fear is a tricky topic. I love Plato's insight: Courage is knowing what not to fear.

Let me share what I have found works when it comes to fear. Here are some tools and resources that help so you can use your fear positively as a creative catalyst and keep your focus on fun, and gain confidence in the creative process.

You are on track: Fear is a sign that you are on the right track. The more intense the fear, the more you engaged you actually are, and the more meaningful your dream is to you, and something else to consider: it’s usually a sign that your dream is to make a powerful impact on the lives of many others, especially if it is unusually strong or intense. It may not be obvious or evident just yet, your dream may be an idea, or just an inkling of an idea that is to grow into so much more.


Fear is excitement without the breath

Fritz Pearls 


Fuel for momentum and success: Fear is the other side of excitement. Once the immediate fear has subsided, it usually gives way or returns to the initial excitement, only it has gained even more energy in the process so now it is an even more powerful catalyst to propel you forward and create the momentum you need to succeed.

Emotional transformation: Fear can strike just before suppressed, unfelt emotions begin to surface which can happen when you finally commit to your dreams and your creative projects. You may not have had the resources, insights and strength before to handle these emotions, so of course once you gain a little more energy and momentum, its now time for these to be felt and released. At this stage, you may experience overwhelm, intense resistance, paralysis, panic and anxiety.

Again: this sudden fear strike doesn’t mean that your new creative venture or path is not for you! At this time take extra care of yourself, pamper yourself and allow yourself time to process emotions. Look for additional support from mentors, friends or creative communities.

Most of all, dote on yourself and honor yourself for your creative courage and strength.  Be incredibly gentle and realize that you don’t have to stay in this territory any longer than it takes to acknowledge what is happening and continue to nurture yourself. Take tiny steps when you feel pressured to be productive.


Focus on what inspires you: this is the most powerful source of motivation. Inspiration creates the momentum to sustain your dreams.


Be bold. Live as Goethe suggests: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic. and power in it. begin it now."

The truest, deepest creative courage? The courage to be yourself, to let yourself be seen.


You get to decide what happens next. It's your story: write it well.


Great love,

Premakarini X

BIG thanks for sharing this, have a wonderful week.

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Life is an experiment


What would you do if you knew it would be a success, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This is what deserves your focus and attention. Go for this. Failure is just deferred success. It’s only real if you quit trying for what you want. The more you experiment, the more you learn. The more mistakes you make the more you narrow down your expertise.

You are here to experience as much life as you can. Explore the extraordinary. Experiment with ideas, emotion, sensation. Redefine whats possible. Create a life of exceptional depth and beauty. You have the right to your own life. Claim it.

Appreciate everything that is in your life: be deeply grateful for who is in your world, and the experiences you have had, even the ones that have been the most challenging. With gratitude, comes release, pure let-go.

Stay curious: you're here to discover your depths, your beauty, to experience life on your terms, freely.

Celebrate: Revel in life. Cherish the moment you are in right now.


You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been, and done, which may take some time, you are fierce with reality.

Florida Scott Maxwell 


Free yourself from what others think. Be mischievous, playful: how you live is entirely up to you. Fall into giggles. Often.

Explore all your possibilities. Expand your options. Stay open to new ideas, opportunities, adventures.


It takes new ideas to change your life: you have to think differently, entertain new beliefs to see a difference in your life.



What new ideas can you explore + experiment with right now?

What change do you want to see you in your life? In your world?

What new ideas can create and support this change?


Do what you love, decide what you want, what's most important and prioritize this: arrange your world around this and everything falls into place.


Live only by what you deeply believe: you get to determine this.


Free your voice. Speak your truth: there is no better feeling than when you find your voice and begin to experience it for yourself. Explore what you are here to communicate. What are you here to inspire?

Write. sing. speak. play. discover: explore & experiment through as many different mediums and forms of expression as you can.

There's always more to experience.

Be vulnerable. Be vulnerable to kindness and love: those generous acts that others are courageous enough to bestow. Receive such kindnesses humbly and with enthusiasm, it is a privilege.

Enthusiasm is the key to ecstatic authentic experience.

Define your own experience.


If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.

Joseph Campbell   

Encourage others as much as possible. Believe in their dreams, their ideas, their inspiration. We are all here to share as much as we can collectively. When you nurture another's life, your own life is enhanced accordingly. You have unlimited energy when you give freely to others.

Thank you for being in my world,

Great Love,

Premakarini x

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