Resistance {what you don’t want to feel}


You resist {avoid} what you dont want to feel. You fear emotions more than you realize. Whatever triggers or threatens to put you in undesirable emotional experiences you avoid, you resist, you postpone. When you know what triggers you and you actively explore this, everything changes.

You resist success. Once you experience a certain level of financial freedom, it frees up all those emotions you have been successfully avoiding. Survival mode, living paycheck to paycheck keeps those emotions in check: once you feel taken care of physically & fiscally, you are now free to address the next level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: your emotions. You are quick to realize that it is these very emotions that kept you from experiencing this much freedom in the first place.

Success depression. They don't even put it in the fine print: when you reach a certain level of success, you run out of goals. You can only accumulate so much stuff before experience takes over. Then, with enough enlightened experience, you soon get spoiled. Material accumulation becomes undesirable. Your appetite for experience itself increases. Financial freedom is simply the means to an end, to these experiences, and more significantly, the opportunity to be of service to others.

Desire evolves

Feel what you are most afraid to feel

Explore emotion: there's feelings you haven't even felt yet

Engage your emotions. You're going to have to feel them at some point, you may as well initiate the experience. The more you do this, the stronger you become, the more presence you enjoy. Presence is just how available you are in each moment. Resistance takes you out of this.

Play: dance. sing. act. compose music. write. create {these days I do these more than I would have ever dared to before}

Any form of creative expression opens up your emotional experience allowing you to feel + release your emotions. When you consciously release your anger {pain} you won't have to fear those outbursts which is just old suppressed emotion. I always release anger alone. You kind of have to to really cut loose.

Anger, fear - any form of emotional pain is what is stopping you from experiencing bliss all the time. They're the clouds blocking the sun. Unless you are living free of all emotional pain, your 'comfort zone' is not as "comfortable" as its having you believe. It's keeping you cozied up to whatever level of depression/resistance you are stuck in.

Pain = resistance. Accelerate the process: explore resistance. It's pure creative opportunity. Steven Pressfield's The War of Art is enough to convince you.

Explore and expand your emotional range. Emotion is creative fuel, raw energy. The more you feel, the more empowered you are.

Emotion empowers. What food is to the body, feelings are to the soul.

Rudolf Steiner

When you allow yourself to fully feel, when you experience emotion fearlessly, you create powerful resonance. Resonance opens up possibility. When you abandon yourself to what you really love, when you live your passions, you effect more change on this planet than you can ever fully appreciate. Trust this. Trust yourself this much.

You resist being who you are. You're terrified you're not good enough, or enough. What you are really afraid of is experiencing your own power: the power of being totally you. You're afraid to be you.

The truth? You are more than enough. Just be you.


Thank you for being here,

Premakarini x

Creative adventure playgrounds {this week} This. Women who run with the Wolves {essential reading} by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Gabrielle Roth's Maps to Ecstasy: just started to get pulled into this, again. Cashback. Chronicle. Ashes to Snow by Gregory Colbert to Kid A, Radiohead: these two stand alone masterpieces are awesome layered together {put Kid A on repeat} These all capture + describe my experience exactly.

Ashes to snow + kid a: Inspired many moons ago after playing around creatively one full moon in 2007. I had always wanted to use radiohead music creatively, to use it in film and so I was intuitively pulled to put these two soon as I got the idea I couldn't resist the happy I did...each time I play with this: beyond awesome.


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One Response to Resistance {what you don’t want to feel}

  1. Otiti says:

    i can totally relate to this right now. Having decided what I want from life and mapped out a plan of action, I find myself resisting taking the steps to set things in motion.

    Why? Because I’m afraid to open up and FEEL.

    Because I worry my brilliance and my light will be too much for me to handle and they will blind me.

    Because I worry my fire will engulf me if I let it blaze sky-high like it’s aching to.

    And yet. And yet. I find myself inching ever closer to where I yearn to be, because the pain of not experiencing the bliss I desire is greater than the pain of resisting. The pain of not soaring high in the sky is greater than keeping my wings tightly wound around myself and bound to the ground.

    We are made for so much more than we allow ourselves experience. As always, you capture this in beautiful language that makes me want to let go and dive headfirst into the pleasure that awaits me. Thank you. I love you. xoxo

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Change: the art of life

Let Life change you.

{its going to anyway: you may as well come gracefully & skip the kicking and screaming}

Life is here to free you. Its art is change.

Welcome change. Change allows you opportunities in life that free you from what you are holding onto: your comfort zones, your limits. Be grateful for everything that acts as a change agent, transforming your life into pure possibility.


Elegantly embrace whats new in your life: this empowers you.


The more gratitude you feel, the more you accomplish: gratitude powerfully accelerates and innovates new neural networks, accentuating their immediate effect, allowing you to experience more ease as you navigate important life changes.

Life changes either come in the form of a crisis {usually your experience when you are attached to a particular outcome or event}, or they can come peacefully into your world depending on how flexible you are with new ideas, approaches and innovative ways of being.


"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis


Ask yourself: what do I need to let go of: what beliefs, ideas, ways of thinking have I outgrown? {THINK of what you have been resisting/fearing/ running away from}

IDENTIFY: What do I want to experience more of? What brings me the most peace & bliss?

When you release what no longer works for you, it opens up your life for more of what you truly WANT.

WHAT do you need more freedom to creatively explore? What creative adventures do you crave?


Creativity: one of the most powerful change agents in the world


These are some of the change agents that have opened us this week for me: SINGING: Who wants to live forever by Queen this morning, My love & Breathe me by Sia, & writing and singing my new song, fall...INSIDE on sunday {this emerged from some writing I was playing with while listening to Stuck together by Atoms for peace/Thom Yorke}

What is opening up your world for you right now?

Love & peace,

Premakarini X

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Ideaplay 15 ways to find the best ideas in life



What are the signature qualities of the best ideas? How to know which ideas to experiment and explore with in your life first and foremost?

{Here's how to know}


The best ideas are...


Unlimited. Full of possibility. Just seeing them you feel like you can do anything.

Easy. Effortless: Elegant, in a word. The best ideas possess a finesse that just has poise.

Fun. If it’s no fun, then what’s the point? Make fun a priority and focus in everything you do.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.



Inspiring. Intelligent. Intriguing. 

Different. Innovative. Empowering. Supporting the difference you are here to make to so many lives. We’re all just here to help each other. This is our greatest privilege and source of lasting fulfillment here: make no mistake the more you experience this, the more ecstatic life is.

Creative. Intuitive. Passionate. Genius. Everything you ever thought life could be, and more.


Choose peace as a compass.

–James O’Dea


Love. Brimming with and overflowing. Peace is the most beautiful playground. Love is the key. It’s all in doing what you love most, having the courage to honor this.


Peace is the most beautiful playground. Love is the key. It’s all in doing what you love most, having the courage to honor this.


Playful. Spontaneous. Curious. Just for fun. These elements will always serve you well.

Relaxing. There might be initial resistance to their newness, but once indulged the relaxation is palpable and obvious and deepens as you go.

Connection. Ideas that are powerful connect you more to the world. The implication of this is empowerment to the extent you consciously realize this experience.


"The best ideas support the truth that we are all the same and equal, that we all deserve respect, trust and to be honored in this way. Equality empowers like nothing else can."


Equal. The best ideas support the idea that we are all the same and equal, that we all deserve respect, trust and to be honored in this way. Equality empowers like nothing else can.

Exhilarating calm. The signature emotional experience & quality of an idea that truly inspires and ultimately uplifts. Exhilarating calm is that indulgent decadence of feeling and intuitive sensation when you are onto something.

Pull. That unmistakable urge to explore and dive in. Indulge the ideas that are so intoxicating you can’t resist. Ideas so hot they could burn right through you. Ideas so powerful that to speak them you would see letters form in the air. These are the ideas to play with, unless you are into playing it safe, in which case I am not sure how to advise you.

Anticipation. Live for your highest, most intense anticipation. The ideas and experiences that are intense, immense connection opportunities usually uplevel your life in unlimited ways.

Freedom. Its what you want most but struggle with letting yourself have {for whatever reason} Let yourself have as much fun as you can get away with. Don’t stand in your own way. Give yourself unlimited permission to be all that you can be.

Focus. It’s what you can’t stop thinking about. This is your focus. Observe and explore where it naturally falls: is this where you want all your energy to go? If not, explore why this has your attention and change it to what you really want.

Thank you for sharing this! Lovely as ever to see you all on twitter and facebook. Have a wonderful week and weekend.

Love Premakarini X

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"Change, when it comes, cracks everything open."

Dorothy Allison


Engage change. Experience more. Change makes any & everything possible.

Change how you see yourself before you change the world.

Attempting to change the world before you change how you see yourself is working against yourself. Once you see yourself differently, your world changes to reflect your new self image. As within, so it is without. Your world is more of a mirror than you realize.

{this is why change can feel so threatening: when it comes suddenly it forces you to see yourself differently. This is why you want to engage change on your terms. It's easier. And gentler}

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

Alan Watts

Live life from what you desire to see most in the world as if it is already happening. See yourself now as you are going to be when this world is firmly in place. This level of trust is what actually creates the desired outcome to the detail.

You are entirely unlimited in this process: only you determine the limits according to how you see yourself.

Free yourself. This truth is your ticket.

Embody your vision now. Feel the relief and bliss in having what you want already just as if it’s already part of your life. Enjoy the new freedom you have gained. Delight in every detail. Focus on how having exactly what you want makes you feel. Details tie it down, lock it in, give it substance, details make it real: make it feel real which is exactly what you want.

Engage more sense. Make your vision more tactile. The more palpable, the more real.

Engage more possibility. Change your mind about what you think is actually possible in life. Stay open.

"Change is really another word for opportunity. Change allows you the opportunity to see what's possible."

With all the opportunity change brings, why do we resist change at every turn?

The answer is in your basic neurology. You are wired to what’s comfortable & familiar. When you try to make a change in your lifestyle or how you see yourself, you have your old habitual neural network competing against the new neural network of doing things differently that you are trying to install, so allow some time for the new one to be stronger and more natural than your old neural pattern.

When you are continually working on your personal development your success in accelerating your growth & learning curve lies in how comfortable you can be being uncomfortable with the new neural networks you are laying down.

This is why good old fashioned patience is powerful. We are being increasingly wired to expect instant results when some processes require time. Establishing new neural networks takes up to 4 – 6 weeks for them to stick and there is still some backslide danger for months afterwards, depending on how different the new network is from all your other established networks.

This is why having multiple passions in similar areas is of immense value & benefit: you establish many interconnected neural pathways that all support and reinforce each other enhancing your overall creative process and experience.

Engage change. Flirt with pure possibility. Play with new ideas & ways of thinking. Explore all your options. Here’s 5 things that make all the difference.

1. Stop waiting for permission to be more you. Be bold, yes it takes courage, but the more you are completely yourself the more your life truly begins. Explore more. Try new things, approaches, just because.

2. Stay flexible, humble, out of your own way: let your creative energy come through you on its own terms. Let yourself experience how unlimited this actually is before you decide what it {you} can do.

3. Be adventurous: experience the world at the edge of your experience. Stay cutting edge. Aspire to live life in the words of Diane Arbus: “My favorite thing is to go where I have never been.”  Let the world in more. Travel is essential education: your desire to experience other worlds & cultures is of more significance than you realize.  When you are in a completely different, new culture you lose many associations that keep you locked up in old patterns, offering unlimited opportunity for growth & exploration outside of your current life experience. Invaluable.

4. Have more fun: let yourself get away with having way more fun than you would normally allow. You don’t have to take yourself so seriously to be seen as sincere. People confuse serious with sincere. Seriousness is just seeing yourself as overly important, which is pretty hilarious {Be ready to be laughed at} Besides, playful is highly productive.

5. Discover more of who you are. Dare to be more. Experience more. Love more than you have ever loved before. Let yourself feel loved more than you have ever dared possible. Let life fall head over heels in love with you.

I so appreciate that you are here. Thank you so much for sharing this and my other posts, I am totally light on my feet, I'm so honored & happy when I see all the shares. THANKS for all the messages about how these help you, too. Means more than anything. Been celebrating, its quite the dance party over here {some things never change}

Much Love {and it just keeps growing}

See you next Friday!

{This by the way is an excellent time to drop by & say Hi online should the mood strike}

Premakarini xo




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6 Responses to Change

  1. Otiti says:

    This dance with change is something I’m experiencing at the moment and I can tell you one thing for sure, it ain’t pretty. Although the urge is strong to force it the way I’d like it to go, I also realise I have to let it all unfold if I want to keep evolving. Well, NOW I realise it after reading this post. 😀 So i just have to breathe and let it all flow. Ommm, LOL. Thank you for your soulful goodness as always! 😉

  2. Tom Ross says:

    Premakarini, just stumbled upon this amazing site of yours. My lucky day. Love this post on change- filled with energy and insight. Will be happily following. Tom

  3. Premakarini says:

    Thank you, Tom. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

  4. Premakarini says:

    Been thinking about what you wrote here + what I can add into this mix. What I am learning right now, it’s pretty wild and hard to put into words, there’s so much to it, but there is a whole different intuitive {enlightened} perception that we can access by just being in the moment + going with the flow as you are doing that allows you to see how perfect everything is unfolding. This is what I am always writing around + sharing ideas + insights around: how to stay in this perception, because its so loving + powerful and I am seeing that from this place anything is possible, which excites me the most because I am always looking for ways we can turn around all the stuff we have to on this planet + fast. And its possible. We just have to change the way we see ourselves and the world and live from this place. Today’s post on creative playground is kind of touching + expanding on this, but there’s so much more…What are you learning on this? Would love to hear your take on it. Love you ;)SO excited about your BOOK!!! So cool! So happy for you, so proud!

  5. Well, Premakarini, this is your first post that I’ve read and if it’s any indicator: I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And your attitude. I can tell I have a lot to learn from you.

    Playful blessings,

  6. Premakarini says:


    Thank you. Honored. You are so inspirational on twitter…so happy that I found you on there.
    Drop by here or there anytime and say hello..You are so welcome to add your wisdom on any of my posts here, too. I know that my readers will enjoy what you share.

    Premakarini 😉

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Shy to shine? 5 things to get to the good stuff in life


1. The envy issue: it’s time to reframe envy and see it for what it really is: envy is the ultimate wake up call to what you want. Welcome the experience. Get comfortable with it. Don’t worry about eliciting envy from others. You are helping them to get clear about what they really want and this is a gift. I feel nothing but deep respect + gratitude for everyone who has ever been a creative influence for me, who created that initial spark of envy in me + kicked me into gear. I love them more than ever for having the guts to do what I was getting the nerve up to begin.

2. Moxie: getting enough nerve. We don’t know how to build up nerve, and this is okay. You have to realize this and allow for your learning curve. Moxie comes from experience. From practice. From trusting yourself enough. From allowing + knowing how to use mistakes. You learn how to navigate your nerves by building up what they {and you} can tolerate. It takes a while for our neural networks sometimes to catch up, so allow for this.

3. Be transparent: the more open you are about what you are authentically going through, the easier it is to shine. It's drastic, yes, but once you are out there, there’s nothing left to hide and this translates into unlimited ease. You relax. You are free to be totally you. You learn more. You realize that you are not supposed to have all the answers: that life is an adventure and the main objective is simply to have fun.


"There's nothing sexier than authentic expression."


4. Experiment: play with how you want to share your life. You have unlimited options. Give yourself enough room to move. Explore. You can create whatever you want in life. I love Charles Ive’s thinking:


“Every great inspiration is but an experiment.”


5. Love more: live the unlimited version of your life. Love is your secret super power. You haven’t seen all it can do, yet. Don’t let a ceiling on how much love you think is possible stop you from living all that you can.

Thank you all for all the shares everywhere online. I so appreciate you taking the time to do this, you have no idea. Let me know below any insights or ideas you have. As always, its so fun to share with you, til next time.

Stay bold, keep shining

Premakarini xo


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4 Responses to Shy to shine? 5 things to get to the good stuff in life

  1. Thanks for a motherlode of inspiration. Trūe love

  2. Premakarini says:

    thank you, Chris. Welcome!

  3. Ariel says:

    So true! I too often get caught up in my beautiful ideas and realizing them to enjoy that they are just a inkling and follow them with open arms instead of expectation.

  4. Premakarini says:


    This is so true.Thank you for expressing this and sharing your experience here. Many times we limit ourselves to what we can experience through a new idea without letting it incubate and develop as much as it wants to. Love your wisdom.
    Have a wonderful fun day today, and please stop by anytime, here or on twitter or facebook.

    Much love,

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