Write {sing. draw. create} at the edge of your experience: discover your voice



Voice. Explore what you really want to say, what you are saying to the world.

Trust your voice

Your voice {+ unique experience} is what gives your words their power and meaning.

What are you the voice for? Your voice is so necessary in the world.

Dive into what’s most important for you to voice right now. For me I am finding a new level of freedom through songwriting.

"Your life is your message"


Write {share} at the very edge of your experience. Dare to be this transparent. Your life is your canvas. You kind of have to put it all out there so you can see the bigger picture.

Nerves > part of this picture. If you could see how nervous I am right now. {lol}

Here’s the best way I can put it into words. When you discover your voice everything starts to make sense. It’s as if it’s a conversation, an interplay that has always been going on but before you had the volume muted or turned down too much so you couldn’t quite hear it. When you discover your voice you start to give it more expression, you step into being more you.

Pablo Picasso: To draw, you must close your eyes and sing

Trust where you are at in your creative process is perfect, that what comes through you is perfect in the big picture. Aim to see this more.

It’s a really powerful time to explore and share your voice right now. Listen to your voice in as many ways as you can. Read your writing more, watch your body language closely when you dance, when you move. Your life is your greatest work of art.

In this video footage: Thom Yorke on creative genius, Neil Young + the creative process:


"When you discover your voice it colours the way you’re drawn into a song."

Thom Yorke

I am starting to trust when my voice is really coming through more clearly when I sing. I can hear the difference when I am still holding back. You hold back for so many reasons, one of which I am discovering is to protect others, usually at great personal cost. Years ago, when I first began to allow myself to remember what had happened to me as a child, once it started to emerge through my mind, when I first dared to share it with a close loved one, they literally lost their voice while talking on the phone.

The more I sing, the more I understand. On my 9 day offline May retreat, I sang, wrote song lyrics, started to choose sounds that I want to work with. I am in the process of creating a film that incorporates my voice, music + dance.

It’s always a question of permission, of how much freedom you allow yourself. Expand your comfort zone, honor your experience.

This is why doing what you love, living your passions full on, experimenting with new ideas and what pulls on you is so f**king powerful. This is you being more you.

It’s happening to everyone right now. You are seeing it everywhere. So many people are talking about this right now.

Conversation: one of the most powerful catalysts. You talk {communicate} through what you do, what you share, what you allow yourself to experience: what you allow through you.

Resonance. Share what most resonates. Pay attention. What really moves you, what affects you the most powerfully? Be aware that you will most probably resist this level of what you will consider an indulgence. Don’t waste time + make my mistake of looking for other things like it when you find it. This is just classic resistance at play.

Move. What moves you is you. You’re not experiencing the bliss you could be because your energy gets stuck. Dance. Move. Energy follows sound. Shake things up, let yourself be shaken. Let the emotions surface + release. It’s okay to feel any + everything. Trust yourself this much.

Intrigue. Give in. once you surrender enough, you’ll realize this is actually the wrong word for what’s really going on. Surrender implies there was a choice. But this is more than okay: you’ll be too happy and having way too much fun to care at this point.

Looking forward to hearing what this opens up for you in your experience,

Much love,

Premakarini xo


post script > some song lyrics {as they are captured in my journal}


impossible fascination

playing in the gap

between everything

where we move

butterfly beautiful


every nerve

pure desire

innocence: returning

{its going where it wants to}

love won't be told what to do

electric anticipation {holds me}

when I next

see you



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3 Responses to Write {sing. draw. create} at the edge of your experience: discover your voice

  1. Otiti says:

    Oh, Premakarini. This is simply gorgeous. I’m sitting here with my mind truly boggled because you just NAILED what it’s all about in such a colourful and beautiful way: heartfelt expression. That’s all we’re here to do: voice our souls and express our hearts and let ourselves BE who they want to be.

    It takes great courage to be this open and transparent, and I thank you. The song lyrics are amazing and just so you. I can totally imagine you penning those words and hope I soon have the honour of hearing you sing them.

    I feel like I should say more so you know just how deeply you touched me with this, but I’m gobsmacked and can’t really articulate properly without gibbering, LOL. Thank you so much for this. You are beautiful inside and out and I adore you. Kisses.

  2. Premakarini says:

    Thank you so much. You have inspired me so much ever since I read your blog post Voice your soul. Holy moly: talk about POWERFUL> I am living this and it is such bliss, I dont know what words to use it seems they need to be created…Check out the Venus transit June 5th /6th…I posted it on twitter. Its powerful stuff for what you are helping others to do…Voice their Souls. Girl, you are powerful! Just sayin’
    Love you. there’s more.. Maybe we should connect tomorrow…LOVE you SO!
    Prema xo

  3. Gary Catona says:

    Discovering your voice is about discovering who you truly are. When you sing, you must give a part of yourself to your audience. You are looking within and sharing your experiences and emotions with the audience. The only way to truly connect with a song is to live, and to experience new things.

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{This one’s straight from my journal this morning}

Live intensely from the inside out. Play inside. Live what you most inwardly feel.

{Know that all stress & tension comes when you try to live outside in + when you are not living what you really feel} The world can’t tell you who you are; it can only reflect how you see yourself. Intuition is how you know.

Go for what you really want.

Live your deepest, most passionate vision. Let yourself live inside it as if it is already real.

The response of the imagination…is a passion of awe

W.H. Auden

It is "a passion of awe," as Auden so perfectly observes. It’s this and more.  It’s pure desire. This is what passion is. It’s a fire. It burns through everything else to what’s intrinsically real. To what truly matters.

It’s pure alchemy.

This is how you change. transform. grow. develop

How you become totally & authentically you.

Your life is your greatest work of art. This is how you live this.

Live your deepest passion. Immerse in your most intense love. Experience everything that gives you that ridiculous rush.

Immerse in this.

Live inside of what you really want. Let the outside take care of itself. Let everything fall into place in its own timing.

This is the level of trust.

Trust what you feel

Trusting = feeling

What you feel is what the world hears


Trust your deepest feelings & desires. They are your compass. Go deeper inside of what you want. Explore your innermost emotions. Dare to feel what you feel intensely.

Irresistible resistance. Resistance: just a fancy word for fear. When what you want is irresistible, resistance is how you get in your own way, drive with the brakes on, so to speak. You want to go fast, but you are afraid to.

If what you really want still eludes, know you are holding yourself out of feeling like you have what you want already. Perhaps you fear it is impossible, so maybe you can't feel it because you fear even one taste will ruin you forever.

Resistance: how you don’t get what you want, or at least, how you slow everything down {usually because of comfort zone/practical issues. If you are like me, it's also often out of respect at times} know resistance is only serving this purpose.

Either way, eventually desire takes over & burns through resistance making what you want more real.

When you experience intense resistance around what you can’t resist, it’s a sign to explore this even more. Even {especially} if it feels like pure indulgence. This is your signal. Go deeper into this. The things you most resist are the greatest doors.

As Steven Pressfield writes: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.

The more you accept, give in, surrender to your deepest desire & passions and simply allow yourself to live them, everything changes.

This is how you change your world.

This is why you are here.

This is how you make an unlimited difference through everything you do.

Just be you.

Dare to be this alive.

Unlimited love,

Premakarini X

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Creative genius


It's out.

I cannot tell you how excited I am: its a whole new level

My latest ebook, Creative Genius just went live on the site. You can get it for free by subscribing if you haven't already. Subscribers: use the link in your email to download it. And for those of you who don't want to subscribe for whatever reason {hey, I understand} it will be available in the free section on this site when I upload the Intuitive Edge ideabook in the next month or so, so no worries. And if you know someone who subscribes, they can send it to you.

Thank you for sharing this with as many people as you are inspired & moved to.

The reason I am doing it this way: I feel so damn naked with this book. Its been 7 years in the making, out of 16 years of intense creative process exploration, immersion & research. Putting it out there in this way is like having someone throw me a blanket. This morning I felt like it would feel easier having naked photos of me all over the internet than to release this book.

Plus I wanted to give this book as a gift to everyone who has been subscribing first because your support means so much to me. This is one way I can thank you for all the shares without which this site would not exist {I'm allergic to marketing}

This book is a preview version of the Creative genius playground: an interactive digital experience that will be available soon. There's more details in the book which has some sneak peek of the playground material.

I didn't get chance yet to add the dedication page yet, so here it is.

This book is dedicated to Radiohead.

This book is here because of the people in my life whose genius has inspired, healed, saved me in so many ways, and for the powerful work that creative genius contributes in the world.

I am forever grateful that your genius is out in the world.

Thank you.

Premakarini xo

Creative adventure playgrounds 

The English Patient by Anthony Minghella {one of my favorite movies: watch with good headphones, the soundscape is amazing} Optimistic, Radiohead from In Rainbows in the Basement {This Kid A song means so much: it got me through the day I took my life back from the man who tried to take it} Unravel by Björk. It's a fire by Portishead {singing: I would love to sing a live version with Beth Gibbons to experiment with layering vocals}

I am currently creating & playing with my playlists on youtube {why some aren't up right now}

Favorite creative genius playground that you have to experience: Ashes to snow, by Gregory Colbert {sound mute, images only} to Kid A, Radiohead. If I never get round to making film its okay because this exists. If I was to make a movie to capture the intense beauty of this world to take to other worlds right now, this would be it.

P.S: this post will be updated from time to time. You have probably noticed how my posts on here evolve. I have been going through some intense grief & pain this week, + no sleep last night, so giving myself some room to breathe here. Been learning some awesome insights on dealing with intense emotional pain: will share on here in the future.



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Life is not rocket science. Life expresses itself as the inherent intelligence within every individual & everything that exists. Accessing this intelligence consciously is what we call genius.

Intuition is where genius resides

Creative genius is accessible to anyone. Once you begin to create from this level, you realize this and it becomes more a question of how to remain at this level of intelligence, how to consciously access this inherent, intuitive intelligence and to utilize it in everything you do.

This is the art of creative genius.

"Genius is mainly an affair of energy."

Matthew Arnold

Genius is outsmarting your mind: being ingenious to see through & around your mind,  To be continually one step ahead of the mind’s tricks, resistances, reactions. This is real intelligence. This is genius. This is thinking for yourself: thinking authentically from your heart, not your mind. 

Creative genius empowers vision. There is great power in pure vision: knowing what to see – what to focus on, to see all of who you are, and to dare to live from this vision. This is true vision.

Genius + the evolution of the collective. Everyone is part of the collective evolution. We all contribute our individual visions, talents, art and lives to the collective; everything we accomplish benefits everyone. When you consciously desire to be of service and you begin the process of staying out of your own way, your unique creative genius blazes its brilliance effortlessly uplifting everyone.

"It’s a question of being willing to let your creative genius to come through, of staying enough out of your own way to experience & explore what this is for yourself, first, then having the courage to share it in the world."

Thoughts and ideas are part of the collective consciousness and belong to everyone. What is considered genius is simply an original way of thinking, an innovative way of organizing a new thought pattern that has not been witnessed before.

We all possess the ability to think in this way: you just have to know it’s possible.

What is this for you?

Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent.


{this is one of the most powerful ideas you can live in this world}

Each mind is connected to an infinite, intuitive collective that is pure genius. Each one of us has unlimited access to this collective intelligence. The more you access this genius as an individual and express it, the more we all collectively evolve.

And some questions for you to explore what really is waiting & wanting to come through you right now.


What is most unique about your life experience?

Where do you effortlessly shine?

What is the one thing that fascinates you the most about your life's work?

What resonates the most with you right now?

Your answers will show you where your creative genius most wants to play.

A big thanks to everyone who has been sharing my posts on here: so appreciated, I am always so moved.

Much love,

Premakarini xo

Next week: free ebook, Creative Genius {in your mail box next tuesday for all subscribers along with your weekly email: a little gift & preview of Creative Genius: your life is your greatest work of art coming out soon}


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love + intention = unlimited possibility



Love: we resist* the full experience. Somehow we think we know better. For some reason its easier to doubt when it comes to love than to trust love’s immense unlimited power and we hold out {or at least try to}

< *Notice what {also where & who} you resist most in life. This is where your greatest breakthroughs + opportunities often lie >


"Love is everywhere, it has no distance. All you have to do is stop the resistance."

Matt Zotti

Love the world. Love knows no limits.

Love is insatiably kind.

Love waits for us to be open enough, to trust. I know: you have put your trust in so many things, people + situations, and been betrayed. But love itself: this you can trust. It might not come through to you in quite the form you expect, but love has its own intelligence.

When you respect this, everything changes

Love = your greatest intention


< With enough love, anything is possible >


Love amplifies + accelerates everything.

Desire. Resolve. Focus. Intention.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention ~ Khalil Gibran

And intention* is pure, precise focus with love.

*intention = intuition in action

Imagine what you can accomplish when you intentionally amp up the amount of love. Love is unlimited: there’s always more. Dive deeper into the feeling. Love is everywhere + inside you: outside people + situations can trigger the experience in you, but know you don't need this, even.

+ Once you continuously immerse in love, your outer life always reflects this: Expect the love of your life. Expect great things. Expect to live your dreams. Expect to be swept off your feet.

< Immerse in the feeling of love. Respect yourself enough to totally be yourself, no holding back >

To the extent you love {accept} yourself, you allow yourself to simply be who you are, openly + freely in the world. You trust yourself 100%. You realize that this was all that was missing all along. Love gives you permission to be all you. It frees you.

You move into compassion. For yourself, and for everyone else: with enough love, everything is clearer + easier to see. Compassion is the simple acknowledgment of what Plato reminds us: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.

Compassion = passion x love

The more love you feel + experience, the greater its impact + influence. Add clear, focused intention into the mix and you’re playing with unlimited possibility. There is nothing that you cannot achieve. The only limit or brake you put on this experience is the amount of love you allow yourself to experience, to feel.

Let more love in.

Fiercely love everything + everyone. What have you really got to lose except for this experience?

Believe in love. Believe in yourself.

Unlimited love,

Premakarini xo


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