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The desire to be more, to experience more is the key to discovering the truth – not only about who you authentically are, especially the parts of you that you have yet to discover - but the truth about reality itself.

Your basic nature, your life force always seeks more, craves expression, expansion: this is Life itself blazing through you.

You have a tendency to stop this force, you put the brakes on when you experience fear or lack. When you get thrown out of your comfort zone, when things change so dramatically you can’t adjust freely.

To the extent you love life – let life come through you unimpeded by any fear, guilt, envy {whatever state has you lose energy} – the level of experience you access & enjoy is expanded, enhanced, increased.

The quality of experience is upgraded, upleveled & determined by how much you let yourself expand, explore, experience.

There’s so much more

Experience itself is one of the reasons we are here. Experience is the very pulse, the heartbeat of life itself. Experience is how life moves & expresses here on earth.

When you understand this you are automatically free to experience EVEN MORE.

"We are always compelled to create more freedom in our lives, this is the way we are wired & it is the way we evolve."

The experiences you have had so far in your life are your ultimate {real} wealth. This is all you get to take with you when you leave this place. Any place. Experience.

Not only does the quality of your life experience improve your intelligence, IQ & creative genius, it contributes wildly to our collective evolution.

This is one of the reasons I so deeply value every share, every comment + like that I ever get, for you are adding your energy & creative genius into the mix: this is so empowering for us all collectively, the effects of our simple actions; we can never truly know just how far they reach, how many lives they touch & benefit.


This week: focus more on what you want to see in your life & in the world. What you focus on expands exponentially, so every moment & minute counts. It only takes a 51% focus, too. SO don’t worry when you backslide, it doesn’t usually count. Catch yourself quicker. Use post it notes if all else fails.

Whatever state has your attention holds your life. Neville.

Here's my what I want to see more of list so far: {would love you to join me with these} Cooler temperatures globally where needed. After experiencing this latest St Louis record temperature of 108F {apparently it was 105 back in 1952} sans AC for a night, {yes it broke} I'm definitely raising my focus on global cooling {as I like to call it} All developing countries being assisted in their development by more developed nations & by all individuals who can. We continue to awaken collectively at this accelerated rate so we can all get to the good stuff faster on this planet. Ecologically & environmentally everything is getting cleaned up. In my life: I continue to evolve & share more enlightening ideas + insights. There’s more, but these are my priority focuses right now.

Have a wonderful 4th of July celebrating the freedom that we all have & are to experience even more of.


Premakarini xo

The future enters into us in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. Rainer Maria Rilke

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