love + intention = unlimited possibility



Love: we resist* the full experience. Somehow we think we know better. For some reason its easier to doubt when it comes to love than to trust love’s immense unlimited power and we hold out {or at least try to}

< *Notice what {also where & who} you resist most in life. This is where your greatest breakthroughs + opportunities often lie >


"Love is everywhere, it has no distance. All you have to do is stop the resistance."

Matt Zotti

Love the world. Love knows no limits.

Love is insatiably kind.

Love waits for us to be open enough, to trust. I know: you have put your trust in so many things, people + situations, and been betrayed. But love itself: this you can trust. It might not come through to you in quite the form you expect, but love has its own intelligence.

When you respect this, everything changes

Love = your greatest intention


< With enough love, anything is possible >


Love amplifies + accelerates everything.

Desire. Resolve. Focus. Intention.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention ~ Khalil Gibran

And intention* is pure, precise focus with love.

*intention = intuition in action

Imagine what you can accomplish when you intentionally amp up the amount of love. Love is unlimited: there’s always more. Dive deeper into the feeling. Love is everywhere + inside you: outside people + situations can trigger the experience in you, but know you don't need this, even.

+ Once you continuously immerse in love, your outer life always reflects this: Expect the love of your life. Expect great things. Expect to live your dreams. Expect to be swept off your feet.

< Immerse in the feeling of love. Respect yourself enough to totally be yourself, no holding back >

To the extent you love {accept} yourself, you allow yourself to simply be who you are, openly + freely in the world. You trust yourself 100%. You realize that this was all that was missing all along. Love gives you permission to be all you. It frees you.

You move into compassion. For yourself, and for everyone else: with enough love, everything is clearer + easier to see. Compassion is the simple acknowledgment of what Plato reminds us: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.

Compassion = passion x love

The more love you feel + experience, the greater its impact + influence. Add clear, focused intention into the mix and you’re playing with unlimited possibility. There is nothing that you cannot achieve. The only limit or brake you put on this experience is the amount of love you allow yourself to experience, to feel.

Let more love in.

Fiercely love everything + everyone. What have you really got to lose except for this experience?

Believe in love. Believe in yourself.

Unlimited love,

Premakarini xo


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