Desire is Possibility talking



What’s possible? You get to decide.


What do you WANT to be possible?


Here’s the real question: what do you really want?


The hardest part of navigating desire is deciding what you really want, then allowing yourself to actually have it in your life. It all comes down to permission. Freedom. How much freedom you allow yourself to play with in life, to engage possibility in your own unique, authentic way.

Freedom to think differently, to explore new ideas, new ways of experiencing life; to explore what you really value and believe at your deepest core, independent of what your culture or tribe thinks or feels.


Desire summons what’s possible into existence. Desire is evolutionary in its most essential, rawest nature. It demands we develop, grow, change and allow others this equal privilege.


Desire is palpable, present, focused: always in the moment. It’s that unadulterated intoxication of pure pleasure – the feeling of already having exactly what you want – not the aching or longing it’s usually associated with of its actual opposite: not being able to have what you truly desire.


Desire is passion and excitement condensed. It’s that intense pull you experience, that intuitive knowing that what you want is perfect for you at this time. Desire resonates at the deepest level. You feel yourself come alive in every cell the more you indulge its evocative call.


Pure desire quickens, there’s a quality of momentum involved that’s immediately generated. You find your every movement accelerates the more you move towards what you want. It’s as if you are being pulled exactly by and to what you want as you discover the deeper layers of what’s truly involved. Its inescapable.

This is not to say that everything is perfect, especially in the initial stages when strong resistance can come into the equation and throw everything into confusion. The hardest part is trusting what you want. Often this requires intense impactful life changes that may challenge what you believe about life itself. Yet upon deeper evaluation, you realize that these beliefs are simply outgrown.

The trick is to allow yourself to explore your desire and what you hold of the highest value on your own terms. To decide for yourself. To allow yourself to think differently: this is how we make the most difference ever in the world.


To Our adventures with Possibility


Endless love,

Premakarini X


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