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Write with your heart in your mouth. Create so far over the edge of your experience that it takes your breath away. Not just for a moment, for a morning. You can feel this good. You can have this much fun. If you dare.

{where I hail from this morning + why this is a little late in going out}

Live what's this important to you. It's the only thing that matters. Once you discover what this is, its the most amazing experience: it's a question of how much fun can you handle. It's that feeling that you never want it to end.

I got this Sunday night watching a live stream of Radiohead at the Optimus Alive festival  in Lisbon, Portugal, for Everything in its Right Place, all the way from here in St Louis. It's a feeling so palpable you can feel it thousands of miles away. It's amazing what you can pick up when you want to {lol} I wanted to be there that bad.

Radiohead are doing some really powerful work in the world. And it's more fun than I can even tell you.

Fun opens up so much creative possibility.

What gives you the feeling that any + everything is possible? Make this your creative playground.

Music is such a powerful way of seeing whats possible {why it always intrigues & is always a part of what I do creatively}

It takes courage. Play is powerful because it offsets the nerves you are going to run into when you live what you truly believe in. Nerves are always around when its going to make a huge difference: the bigger the difference, the more energy is involved. Stay bold.

"All it takes is 20 seconds of outrageous courage and great things happen, promise."

{from the movie, We bought a Zoo}

It's true.

Creative adventure playgrounds. Life is beautiful, the movie: Roberto Benigni's gift in the world {Love this movie: cried a river} Songwriting & singing: lyrics everywhere. Hanging out with hawks & hummingbirds & trees. And of course, Radiohead.


Premakarini xo




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