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I am on Twitter and Facebook where you can get the latest blogs, updates, best quotes & material that I have found, helpful tools and insights.

You can message me  through Email at admin@premakarini.com

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My twitter philosophy: its one big 24-7 party, this event that never ends, where you can connect, support each other, play and share ideas. I have found some of best people on twitter. I always follow back, but if you do unfollow then I do give that follow to a new follower.

If I follow you on Twitter its because I found you  on there, and was moved by what you do, your work resonates, and I would love to connect and support you in what you do: consider it as my hello, just like I met you at an event.

And if you don't get chance to follow back right away, for whatever reason {hey life gets busy, I know} that's fine, I will catch you some other time.

I love meeting new people on Twitter so always feel free to say hi or come play anytime. I like to get into mischief and have fun on twitter, so any time you feel like being silly, do stop by. You dont have to be formal, or you can be: whichever you prefer.

I love being featured in blogs and articles or if you would like to interview me, let me know: Lets do it!

I am passionate about making sure that you get the best information that is going to add the most value to your life, so if you have any specific questions or topics  that you would like to see me cover in future posts, just ask.

And don't forget to keep me posted on how its going for you + any breakthroughs you have. Be sure to add your insights and comments so we can keep the conversation going.

I so appreciate you being a part of my journey, its great to connect with you here


Premakarini xo