BLISS: The Experience

Announcing the exciting new collaborative book created by the one + only Annie Passanisi of

Whimsy for Wendys: Joy-Infused Living for Grown-Up Idealists.

This e-book pulls from the whimsical wisdom of 12 phenomenal women, as they apply childhood zest, zeal, wonder + play to all aspects of life. And let me tell you, we've got it all covered. Topics include: whimsied spirituality, home design, adventures, bliss, memory-keeping, perspective shifts, workplace survival + romance at any age.

Our first review:

"As a 37 year old woman who is finally (slowly) discovering who she really is, this book couldn't have come along at a better time. While reading, I found myself hitting my hand on my desk and exclaiming, "Yeah! That's right!"

My favorite quote from the book is "Once you consciously reset your 'go to' default reaction to acceptance, it gets even easier."

I am a huge fan of "tweeking the way you think", as I like to say. This book will inspire you to do just that, and more!"

~ Jennifer Hall

(Three cheers for Premakarini for penning the favorite quote! YAY!)

{Annie posted this, thought I would share it with you! It makes me so happy}

"Its an amazing e-book jam-packed with laughs, love stories and fun how-tos to get you back to living a life of fun and adventure."

~ Megan Atkinson

Here is another review + giveaway. Be sure to check my facebook page for more giveaways on weds 9th too! We are celebrating!

So what do YOU most want to know about bliss?

Do you want to know more about the experience itself? Or are you wondering how to attain and sustain Bliss? {all important: once you get a taste of bliss, you are all about how to stay there}

I have included my personal Bliss Cheat Sheet {What to read when you aren't having as much fun} in the fun, inspiring book that includes insight from 12 authors including: Jennie Mustafa -Julock, Megan CollierDiane ReidMaggie Tielker, J.Maureen Henderson, Limitless Megan Potter, Kathleen Passanisi, Bobbi Blum Palmer, Morgan Manasa, and, of course, Annie Passanisi.

And as you ask your questions in the comments below, I will answer them here on this blog: let’s make some interesting conversation. I am excited to see what you want to know. I love to hear your insights and experiences.

My life is split into two parts: before bliss and after bliss. This is how powerful the experience of bliss really is. It’s truly a passion, and an honor, to share it with you.

What I have discovered through all my inner and outer adventuring: bliss is probably one of the most powerful tools you can use in life to achieve pretty much anything. Bliss is the key to open up a whole new level of experience in about anything you do. And when you apply this to your entrepreneurial and creative projects, it pretty much makes the whole thing sing.

Bliss is what you’ve really been chasing after, in one form or another: falling in love, being the best in your field, even in your creative dreams.

They are all doors to this experience. And there are more.

But here’s the thing

What if you are already IN it?

Imagine the quality of your life. The freedom {See my Creative book series for more on this}

Imagine what you could contribute.

Imagine the level of creative energy you’d be playing with. And all the fun of this.

The difference you could make.

This is why all the fuss about bliss. It’s not hype. It’s better than that.

It’s a level of contentment you never realized could exist. It’s THIS good.

I want you to have the experience. Period. So I made the Bliss mp3 for your listening pleasure. Pick a place you can give it your undivided attention {no driving allowed} and simply follow the guided experience as intensely as you dare to engage it. Each time you do this you can dive deeper: this is what I do.

Enjoy this easy “done for you”, “put you there” mp3 tool designed to activate the experience of bliss in you, which also has the added value of catalyzing your creativity, intuition and awareness. When I made this mp3, I was in a deep state of bliss to make it easier for you to immerse in this experience.

What I love about Bliss: how conscious and creative you are. How relaxing it is. You live life full on intuitively and passionately. You are more YOU. You totally relax into this. You trust at a whole new level.

Everything is hilarious: you realize how seriously you were taking everything before. It’s a new level of humor and fun. It may get you into trouble. But it will be worth it.

This is one rabbit hole you want to dive deep into.

You realize that it doesn’t really matter what you are doing, or how you are doing it even, just so long as it’s done in bliss.

It’s bliss that puts it over the edge.

You are so in the moment because there’s nowhere else you would rather be. It’s complete contentment. 


Love as ever,

Til next Tues @ 2



See you at the Launch Party on Weds Nov 9th! Details will be on here and on the Premakarini Facebook Page and my Twitter. 

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