You are here! I am so happy that you have stopped by. Welcome to my digital home.

Here you will find the ideas + experiences that have made the most difference in my life: live the unlimited version of your life {you can always go back to this version}


Play with possibility. Engage + own your edge. Explore. Experiment. Experience Creative Genius + unlimited Life


I created this site as a creative digital resource + refuge for writers, creatives + creative entrepreneurs, a place where we can explore + experiment with leading edge ideas that change the world. This is the most important thing to me right now. That you are here is no coincidence.

My greatest passion is to be of the highest service, to offer the best resources + ideas to empower you to unleash your brilliance and to make the difference that you are here to.

I am devoted to this end, I offer Creative Digital Media Strategy {Social Media + Content Creation} and Creative Life Design Consultations sharing my years of experience and expertise on the Creative Process itself, from creating the highest quality content, to the finest life skills so that you get the most out of your life and contribute the your Genius in the world.

I create books, do a free blog every Friday {around happy hour 4pm CT} sharing the ideas that are making the most impact in my world for you to experiment and play with in your life. Be sure to keep in touch + sign up for my free newsletter on the home page where I send out the blog on Tuesday along with any new updates.

Currently I am fascinated by the possibilities of authentic transparency: what it can do to revolutionize everything. Authentic conversation not only connects, it catalyzes. Lets see what it can do. You are always welcome to hang out + get to know me more on facebook + twitter {Best way to connect is to leave a comment on my wall/here}

All shares are SO appreciated. You can take whatever ideas you want from here: just mention me so others can know they can play here, too.


Me in one word: love

Premakarini is sanskrit for broadcasting unlimited love

The way I do this is through writing. I share my latest ideas + adventures in my blog here + you'll also find me on other sites. I create experimental interactive book experiencesIntuitive edge: live life at the next level is my next release. I have a particular thing for exploring the creative process in order to design a life of exceptional quality + beauty: I share the ideas that have added the most value to my life, so you can get in on the fun {FUN = powerful. The more fun you have, the more love you share}

Love is your secret superpower: You haven't seen all that it can do, yet...

Your life is your greatest work of art: one of the best ways to discover this is through creative collaboration, which, by the way, I adore. If you are intuitively moved to collaborate especially with a book, or a live event lets talk + lets see what can happen.




The idea + intention: to get you feeling like you can do anything in life. And I mean ANYTHING

My vision is to empower you to live life at the highest possible level, to explore all of your potential and to live your deepest dreams + passions

I am currently in the process of creating Premakarini International, a non profit organisation to empower women worldwide and with a special focus in providing services, resources and counselling for women and children who have experienced violence, abuse or sexual abuse. Funding: A large percentage of my book profits.

I believe that through enough creativity, awareness, intelligence + love anything is possible, and have learned through my own experience that any adversity can be transformed into immense strength, wisdom and beauty.


"Your life is your greatest work of art"


Life experiences. Embarrassing moments, you know 


Just a few things I have been up to:

Holistic Health practice with a focus in Bodywork + Meditation

Glider Pilot Licence. Yeah the RAF trusted me once with one of their planes: so fun! I can still see that sunset and hear the wind through that eerie silence as I shut off the engine and glided the plane through the currents.

Suicide and Crisis Intervention Counselling

Entrepreneur since age 12 (til 21) when I started my first business {goal: to buy horse. Business: organic eggs + produce home delivery service} I actually started my entrepreneurial days even earlier: ask if you want a giggle.

Rape crisis and Sexual Assault response program in hospitals

Professional model + mischief maker at various agencies

Wrote + created my first 4 page, stapled + typed up book Curly the Caterpillar at age 5 {I was particularly proud of the red capital letters on the cover}

Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator/nurse in Honduras, also Fundraiser

Facilitated AIDS bereavement groups




Writing screenplays, improv acting - comedy - very bad (and therefore, private) stand up routines, looking for mischief, back packing in Nepal + Asia, Singing, Songwriting, horse riding + cooking {shhh this one I keep quiet} I love to create dance pieces: a fusion of tai chi, yoga, ballet, belly dancing + contemporary, and purely intuitive.

FILM adventure: movie with an amazing actress friend + inspiration of mine, Abeni, who I have been acting with since she was 2: We created The Magical Tiger together then + now we are putting together our first film project. Will keep you posted on this one, its going to be a lot of fun...

Its so good to share everything with you. Be sure to stay connected with me + let me know if there's anything you would love to see more on here.

Looking forward to getting to know you more + hearing about your insights + experiences.  Its a safe, fun community here, where everyone respects and helps each other out. You can totally relax into being yourself.

So happy you are here

I believe in you,

Stay bold. Keep shining. Be you.

Premakarini xo